Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Super Hug for my Super Dad

My father for me is next to God. He had a very busy office life but he did a great act of balancing both the home and his office, he never neglected me. He made sure to tell me bedtime stories whenever possible. He gave me guidance at every step of my life. He suggested to me which subjects I should select in my school. He guided me in charting out my career. He went from college to college with me for my admission while caring for my food and water during these trips as they were extreme hot summer’s days. We had long conversations which helped me made right decisions at the right time and today I realize the decisions which I took with him made my life perfect. Thank you so much papa for those moments when you sacrificed your comfort and pleasures to give me the right guidance. We both love to travel so as a team we have explored different cities and countries just like two best friends. No one could ever guess that we are father and Son. I I have never felt any hesitation discussing anything with my father. He always made me feel comfortable. He answered all my questions. He was the first person to meet my girlfriend. My father is perfect. He is the hero of my life. Santa Claus comes and fulfills wishes only once a year but my father is my real Santa Claus who has fulfilled all my wishes and given me enormous joy every day and every moment of my life. Fathers are emotional too. They look stern but from inside they are very soft and delicate. He supported me at every step of my life and gave me the support of his strong arms, the feeling of security, which gave me courage to conquer the world. My father always supported and encouraged me for higher education. He fought with his elders who were against my education. He firmly but gently convinced them. And now everyone in our family is so proud of me. He is the pillar that keeps our family upright and strong. Single handedly he ensures we have everything we need and are comfortable. My father is understanding, caring, and patient and he diligently listens to any ideas or issues we are facing and decides the best way to solve it. He is always cool and collected in any situation. Family is an important part of my father’s life, though he is a busy man he always makes time for us. I can never repay him for everything he has done but can only be thankful for having such a great dad. My gift for him is a super duper hug He is my first hero and my first inspiration. Thanks Papa!!!
I am participating in the '#HugYourDad' activity for Vicks in association with BlogAdda.

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