Saturday, January 31, 2015


When I recently visited a mall in Delhi to witness the new hatchback from TATA I was expecting a car similar to the current models of TATA cars. However what I saw  was an elegant ,stylish new look car for the new India.
I)As I approached the new TATA BOLT stand at a display it stood tall with pride with its smooth flowing roof and an aggressive forward pouncing stance. This looks powerful and desirable.

The looks are enhanced with its “SMOKED PROJECTOR HEADLAMPS”  as the front head lights.

 The rear has  “FLAME-SHAPED TAIL LAMPS” and are  quite a departure from the earlier TATA cars

The alloy wheels make it look more sturdy and robust. 
Collectively these make a wonderful style statement.
II) It is said that when buying a car one should always look under its hood. Lifting the bonnet and looking inside I find the elegant and powerful  revotron 1.2 engine. 
It’s a wondeful marvel of technology that offers a 3 in 1 engine performance. It offers 3 modes of driving they are …
Sport Mode: Here the hatchback engine behaves as a powerful sports car with its engines roaring to conquer  every challenge. Press the accelerator and you will experience the power beneath you.
In the ECO Mode:  this car runs in the economy mode and the emphasis is on getting best fuel efficiency and most value for every buck you spend on fuel.
In the CITY Mode: The car is designed to run as an optimal city car with all those numerous  starts and stops , traffic jams and narrow lanes and by lanes.
This 3 in 1 car is getting me interested as it has features I have not seen before.
III) Sitting inside the car I find an attractive touch screen based interface that is CONNECTNEXT TOUCHSCREEN INFOTAINMENT BY HARMAN™

The system gives you so much control to the driver 

It is a feature rich device. It has a number of modes for interacting with its controls. It can be controlled by touch, Voice or controls on the steering wheel. 

It also has beautiful Illuminati buttons  that glow in the dark.
In terms of features it has an interactive navigation system, Radio, Multimedia Player that can play media via USB, SD Card or the media on one’s phone. It can also read out the SMS messages that you receive.
System reads out SMS from the phone you connect with it

IV) The Interiors are spacious and seats are very comfortable. They support your body posture and cushion you during a drive . The suspension is designed to give you a smooth drive and ride

The rear seats can be folded in a 60/40 ratio and the boot space is ample. I tried sitting in the front and rear seats an found ample space both in terms of legroom, space between passengers and the feel of space ahead of you.
V) The safety feature like ABS i.e Anti-Lock Braking System by BOSCH with EBD (Electronic brake-force distribution)  AND CSC  (Corner stability Control) provide the BOLT with antilocking feature and bettercontrol of the car when a sudden brake is applied at high speed. The Corner stability Control make taking turn at sharp bends much easier and give you better control of thr car

It has two air bags for those seated in front

The doors automatically lock when car is in motion. This is additional safety feature specially with small children.
My overall impression of TATA BOLT is that just like India which is at a threshold of change . TATA’s BOLT is here to change the Automobile scene in the country. It is offering more then what is expected  from an conventional Indian hatchback it’s a car MADE IN INDIA that is announcing that it has arrived

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Food for thought

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

I love Asus go sleek

I love technology that is fast, affordable and good to look at even in my personal life I like to remain fit, slim and sharp. My choice of Laptops, Desktops and computing devices also reflect this theory of mine.

That's the reason that the new ASUS EeeBook X205TA seems to fit the bill for me

When we see and evaluate a new device its actually the exterior that we see first.

ASUS has designed a sleek and elegant exterior for its EeeBook X205TA . This is not only nice to look at but also easy to hold. Its not one of the devices that always seem to slip out of the hand.

Another thing that goes in its favor is that it is very light at under 1 kilo gram in weight. To me this is important as I have to carry my laptop on my shoulder in a sling bag and if you are going to do so everyday for a few hours then every gram counts.

Talking of time battery life is very important for me as I have to use it for several hours without the facility of a recharge. Luckily the ASUS EeeBook X205TA offers 12 hours of surfing time ,13 hours of Music listening and 11 hours of video watching time . This is indeed great news now I can continue to use my laptop without the fear of running out of battery during the summer months when the load shedding causes the city go reeling under the summer heat without power for several hours.

When it comes to buying any computing device I find that the presence of an Intel processor ensures that the device will be trustworthy, reliable and continue to deliver a high performance. The ASUS EeeBook X205TA has an Intel Atom processor with upto 1.86 MHz ,2M Quad-core processor and 2 GB of DDR3 1600 RAM. It has 32 GB EMMC  storage to store all my apps and photos and videos. It has Gen7 graphics and comes with Win 8.1. The quad core processor ensures that all the applications, games and movies run smoothly and the 8.1 version of windows would ensure that the latest applications are compatible with this new device.
The 29.4 cm 11.6 inch HD glare display makes watching movies an enhanced experience.

It comes in a number of colors choices like Dark Blue, Red, Blue and white.
What really draws my attention is the cloud storage of 500 GB from Asus Web storage and 1 TB from Microsoft One drive . This cloud storage would come in handy to backup and store all my data and also keep it secure from prying eyes. As I am writing this post the device is attractively priced at Rs 14,999/-/ With a powerful Intel Atom processor.sleek design and with so many bundled apps it looks poised as a value for money device that would soon be very popular with those interested in buying a laptop 

Friday, January 23, 2015

My sweet bold move this valentine

I  had a secret crush on a sweet, cute  girl who lives in the same Paying Guest accommodation as I do. I am simply besotted by her charm so I started gathering information about her likes and interests.To my greatest delight I discovered that we shared the same likes in music and our favourite movies were also the same.My joy knew no bounds when I spotted her in my college and when I was told that she had  joined the first year in my college. As luck would have it I was a year senior to her being in the second year of college and we both had the same subjects  I got to know her better when she asked me for my notes and then she often asked for my help in doing her assignments. Sometimes she would also take my help if she had any doubts in her studies. This was simply great. I found her to be a great cook as well, as she would sometimes share the dishes prepared by her they are yummy. I found that cooking was very close to her heart . Another common thing that we now shared was the common kitchen provided by the PG owner. When in the kitchen I found her talking to her mother and asking for recipes but the one thing that was invariably on her lips was her mother’s famous Gajar ka Halwa and how she missed it. The good part of being in a common PG was that we got to know each others likes and preferences.

She was simple yet unique ,a mix of the steady and the tom boy.Valentine day is just around the corner and I know that I would have to do something special to win both her attention and her  heart. Though we have become good friends I want to make this into a loving relationship. I know that cakes or roses are not her choice I have been watching the videos of how to cook her favourite dishes and of course how could I forget the famous Gajar ka Halwa. This Valentine I have a special plan to impress her and take our relationship forward.I have carefully thought of her likes and choices in deciding my bold move to woo my Valentine.After all the idea of this bold move has to make a lasting positive impression and kindle the romance. At the same time it is important that it is something extraordinary but does not embarrass or put my Valentine into a spot. Keeping this in mind I have started going to my paying guest accommodation early and practice all the recipes of my valentines liking by recreating them. My plan is  that on Valentine day I would reach my room early and prepare a complete meal and a sweet dish for  her i.e her favourite Gajar Ka Halwa.I would lay out the table with the dishes and a scented candle in the center. When she comes back from college and enters the kitchen she would be  greatly  surprised to see all her favourite dishes waiting for her and then I would proposed to her  with  her favourite sweet the Gajar Ka Halwa in my hand. It would be a sweet beginning of  a new relationship

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Relocate to Bangalore with the quikr advantage

If I were to relocate to Bangalore then I would buy everything, and even a rent a house using 

The reason for this blanket statement is as follows.
I have known Bangalore as the silicon valley of India . It is also a city with a floating population of students and technical people . So how can one make use of this mobile, intelligent, tech savvy population if one happens to relocate to Bangalore? My answer is to simply connect with them on This way one can buy items from genuine sellers . These items can be mobiles, TV’s ,Refrigerators, Car’s, camera,household electronics or utensils.

 When one leaves and want to sell the items then again comes in handy in connecting you as a seller to genuine buyers. This way a person gets maximum value for money both while buying as well as when selling. As a buyer brings you in contact with a number of sellers selling the same or similar products and one can get the one that is cheapest or one may select the one that is in the best condition. It is like a market place that helps the buyers and sellers meet.
For instance when I was relocating to Bangalore my  biggest concern was where would I stay as I wanted to rent an apartment. I had marked a number of properties from the classified section of the newspaper however when I reached there either I found them to be already rented out or there was no one to show me. Then I discovered here I could directly connect with the property owner. As there were no middlemen involved so it saved my money towards commissions. As I was in another city I never had to make long distance calls . I could just connect with the owner with the chat function .Browse through the pictures posted and this helped me get a realistic picture of the house I was going to live in. As a person traveling to a new city this is a great  comforting factor. This transparency benefits both the buyer and the seller.
The best part is when we relocate to a new city at times it is for a short duration either a few months or a few years and it is not always possible to keep buying products from showrooms only to then sell it to the kabadiwala or the scrap buyer or the scrap dealer when moving out of the city. A great opportunity would be that a person relocating to Bangalore can connect with someone leaving the city and selling his household products . There are also cases when a person has bought a new TV  LED TV and wants to sell the old LCD TV that may be in a good working condition. comes in handy in helping the buyers and sellers connect,share product details and if everything goes well then meet and complete the deal.

I am also a great fan of quick Nxt as it lets the buyer and the seller connect over a chat using the unique quickr id without sharing their email or the mobile with the world. I have always felt apprehensive in sharing my mobile number as the chances of it getting in the hands of telemarketers increases when we post our contact information online. 
My final conclusion is that by using  one can have a trouble free and enriching experience not just while relocating to Bangalore but also while staying there as this site offers great opportunity to buy and sell at the best possible price.

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