Monday, April 27, 2015

Celebrating life one day at a time

Getting up early and walking on a lawn with the green grass covered with dew gives me great happiness. It makes me feel so alive and full of life when I do my yoga and the breathing exercises. It feels as if I am being charged up for the day ahead. There is no other experience that is so refreshing and rejuvenating. It is my best way to start the day with a positive outlook which is full of zest and zeal. This morning session in the open and preferably surrounded by plants gives me the feel that I am one with nature. I feel just as Mother Nature provides for its creation and supports and provides for all the living being similarity I being a part of that big picture and scheme of things is being looked after and cared for by Mother Nature. This is a tremendous feeling.
Then enjoying a cup of tea as I flip through the crisp and freshly printed newspaper is a divine experience as it is my time alone with my self as I can use this time to plan my day ahead. These are special moments as this is the part of the day when I am gearing up to face the hectic life of the day ahead. This is the time to work out strategies to face the day ahead. In a lot of way this is the silence before the storm that helps me get prepared for the hustle and bustle of the daily life.
After a hectic day at the office I generally visit friends for a short time in the evening. This time is special and makes me happy as me and my friends once again feel like college going teenagers who are catching up with gossip and discussing all sorts of things under the sun from sports that is cricket and tennis in particular to movies and all that happened at the office.
 Once I return home the golden time spent with my family stays with me and gives me immense pleasure and happiness. This is also the dinner time when we all eat together. I am a firm believer in the adage that family that eats together stays together. For me my family is the source of great pleasure and happiness. Even the fights between siblings and watching TV together and going on vacations together gives me immense pleasure that is akin to celebrating a festival. The only difference being that this festival unfolds everyday around me and releases a lot of happiness and celebration all around me

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lets redefine smart phone with ASUS ZenFone 2

The ASUS ZenFone is the new smart phone on the block that is here to redefine the smart phone experience for a lot of us.
For one I find the prospects of a smart phone that is powered by a quad core Intel Atom processor very enticing Looking at the specs of this new smart phone from ASUS the ZenFone 2 comes with the Atom 64 bit Intel atom processor ( The processor is a Intel® Atom™ Quad Core Z3580 (2.3GHz), PowerVR G6430, with OpenGL 3.0 support/
Intel® Atom™ Quad Core Z3560 (1.8GHz), PowerVR G6430, with OpenGL 3.0 support.)
 Further it has up to  4 GB (2GB/4GB LPDDR3 RAM). This makes it an enticing proposition. It is a powerful smart phone with the Lollipop Androi 5.0 operating system to utilize the processing power.

It is a very elegant and beautiful device . Conforming to ergonomic arc design it incorporates the iconic ASUS design elements that reflect the spirit of the Zen. Its metal finish look give it a very luxurious and rich look.It features the concentric circle detailing and as it tapers at its edges to 3.9 mm  it gets the looks of a well designed product. It is designed not just to look good but the buttons such as the volume control and the camera button are placed so that the user can intuitively and easily reach out to them without any searching.
The looks of the phone certainly add to the feel good factor of the phone.

It has a powerful 13 MP camera and that’s not all. It uses the a 13 MP Pixel Master camera & a f/2.0 aperture that offers a zero shutter lag. What is commendable about this camera is that it uses the industry leading low light technology to take bright images even in low light as it uses a new pixel merging technology. The resulting image are up to 400 per cent more brighter and clearer even when they are taken in low light or at night time.These are the image results without the use of flash.
Speaking about the flash it is a Real Tone flash that ensures pictures with warm skin tones and accurate color are captured in all photos.


Feature rich cameras take a long time to charge but the New Asus ZenFone 2 uses the Boost Master technology that makes charging this smart phone a quick affair. It charges the phone at twice the speed and up to 60 per cent charge is achieved in about 39 minutes of charging.

SNAP VIEW is a very useful feature that helps a user keep his work and personal space separate.

The dual Sim dual Active phone is ready for both Sims so while using one Sim to make a call the user gets the option to switch to another call on the other SIM. This  smart phone offers  LTE Connectivity

Surely these feature are going to redefine the smart phone experience  of a user
More information about this smart phone can be found here

All image taken from and that is prsent on the asus site 

A new start with my dil ki deal

A new year brings in a lot of joy and expectations. The month of December every year means making plans for the New Year’s party as well as formulating the New Year resolutions. I along with my friends and cousins decide upon the resolutions and we check on each other on its progress. Every year we greet the New Year to our loved ones and neighbors. Sweets and gifts are exchanged among friends.The day dawns fresh and clear and their joy all around. Even the birds seem to be wishing each other on this new day of a brand new year.Making resolutions is a yearly phenomena however as the year progresses we soon forget about our resolutions as we get busy in the daily grind of our lives. I decided to something different this year. Something special and unique which would be ever lasting.
When I look around my colony I can’t help but mention an old aunty who was always very grumpy. Everybody felt her to be a trouble maker who picked up fights for no reason. As a result people avoided her and the moment they saw her they got in a bad mood and felt stressed. She was considered as a taboo. She was never invited to any functions either. People used to change their path on seeing her coming. She grumbled every time when someone rang her door bell. She knew everybody disliked her and if someone has come to her house then they have come only to complain to her. She lived all alone. Her children a daughter and a son lived in the USA and never visited her. She never received any mails from them too.
May be this was the reason of her discontent. She was aged and she managed on her own for everything from paying her bills to getting her house fixed. People never offered any help but just criticized her. I decided to make 2015 memorable and a bright year for her and myself. With determination I went to this grumpy lady and wished her with a smile. First day she was very defensive and asked me the reason of my visit with suspicion in her tone. I told her I had just come to wish her and nothing else. She didn’t allow me to come in her house. It went on like this for 4-5 days and after seven days she welcomed me inside. Her house had the most beautiful interiors I had ever seen in my life. It was beautifully designed. Rich colors were used and it was all well maintained. She offered me tea and home made cookies. I appreciated the interiors which made her smile and she looked gorgeous. We shared our experiences and shared jokes. The neighbors were amazed to hear her laughing. She was once again a smiling lady. She started exchanging smiles with her neighbors. The neighborhood ladies welcomed her to their homes. With the passage of time she transformed into a more happy and pleasing and loving person. All this was made possible because of one small gesture of mine, my wishing her a Happy New Year.

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Listening to my heart for My dil ki deal

Every day while going to my work and also coming back from work I would pass through a stretch of road that had lots of fast moving traffic. I enjoyed this stretch as it is a wide road and one can drive the car at a good speed without stopping. Then one day as I was going to my office I saw a blind man standing on one side of the busy road. It seemed to me that he wanted to cross the road. I did not give much thought to the man and I moved ahead towards my destination. It so happened that I had to pass by the same stretch of the road about an hour later. I was surprised to find the man still standing there. He looked tired and harassed I was bewildered and pulled my car along the side of the road. I asked the man as to why he was still standing on the road as I had seen him standing at the same point some time back.  I was indeed proved right. He wanted to cross the road but was unable to do so because of the fast moving traffic. I don’t know why I had stopped despite the fact that I was getting late for an important meeting .Yet I was there as my heart was telling me to stop and help this man. Though he was a complete stranger yet I had to help him cross the road. However there was so much traffic and no foot over bridge. The point of road where we were standing was quite far off from the red light. I had no choice so I made him sit in my car and drove in the direction that was opposite to where I was supposed to go for my meeting. Yet my heart told me that it is the right thing to do and the right direction to follow. Many a times listening to your heart and doing your dil ki deal can be very rewarding. In the course of our short journey together I got to know things about him that he was an ex-army man who had lost his eyes in an accident. Initially he had been very frustrated as he found it very difficult to manage his life and do his daily chores and it was only now after so many years that he had begun to come to terms with his limitation and disability. Now he was working as a dog trainer so that he could train dogs to help other people with difficulties and disabilities. When I dropped him at his destination he firmly shook my hand and thanked me profusely. We were together for a short period of time yet we had become friends. I realized that this was a dil ki deal which had made me give a helping hand and my time to a person in need and in return I had got a new, genuine and a very talented person as a friend.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Ads a measure of a cricketers success and CrashThePepsiIPL

For a sports person his brand endorsements and his being featured in ads is a measure of susses on the field.
Sports and specially cricket has become very competitive .It demands fitness of the highest order. The moment a player slips in fitness or goes out of form he loses his place in the team and thus goes away all the endorsements and the ad spots. For every player who is in the team there are numerous players waiting to get in and step into the spot light.A case in point is the career of Yuvraj Singh who was at the top of his career and firing on all guns. A number of endorsements were coming his way and he was being featured in a number of ad campaigns. Then he was diagnosed with a tumor and his career began to slide.  With this slide came a decline in the number of ads that were coming his way. Then came a long hiatus from cricket for him in which he waged his battle against cancer. While he was battling against cancer only a few snippets of news came about him .With an odd photo of his splashing in the papers he had become the long lost forgotten Yuvraj of the ad bandwagon . Upon recovery he started the uphill task of regaining his fitness, stamina and then his form. Once he got back into active cricket he again started getting a few ads and endorsements.
In this new innings of his, both in life and career he had to start life afresh and inch closer to his goal each day bit by bit. The graph of his life and success is that of a rebirth of a cricketing star the Yuvraj who was the darling of both the masses and the media. He was being featured in brand campaigns targeted at the youth. To begin with all the ads that he got were of anti cancer programs. His life path only  depicts the fact that the life of a sports person and specially of a cricketer is marked with injuries and illnesses. It depends partly on a person’s luck and partly on his ability to withstand sporting stress and bounce back from injuries. A lot of players continue to play the sport with niggling injuries. They do not report them as they fear being dropped from the team because once dropped it becomes very difficult for them to find their way into the team. Look at any player on the field and you are likely to find them with bandages under their gear or clothing. They keep on fighting as lone warriors taking blows both on and off the field before they are knocked out of the team or form.
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Meaningful ads with a social message and CrashThePepsiIPL

With KBC 2014 Kaun banega Crorepati advertising took the concept of creating social awareness about important issues along with advertising.
It started with the KBC 2014 launch film – Kohima
It showed a contestant from the north east sitting on the hot seat in front of Mr Amitabh bachhan The question being asked is “Kohima is part of which country?”
There are four choices namely
a)    China b) Nepal c)India  …
The contestants despite knowing the answer takes an audience poll. 100 % of the audience answers that Kohima is part of India
To this Mr Amitabh Bachhan says see everyone knows this. To this the contestant replies “Jaante Sab Hain par manta koi nahi” Meaning that everyone knows this but nobody believes this. This advert raises the issue  of racial discrimination against people from the north east within India.
KBC launch promo 2014 – Neighbors raises the issue of national integration. It shows a Hindu boy going as a contestant in KBC . His elders probably his father blesses him. Looks up at his Muslim neighbor but as the relation of their household and their Muslim neighbors are strained so he proceeds for the game show. The host of the show asks him a question for which the contestant that is the main protagonist of the ad wants to use the phone a friend option. The phone is shown ringing in the home of the Muslim family who too are watching the KBC game show on TV. The boy addresses the neighbor as “Chacha” meaning uncle. He asks the meaning of the phrase  “Assalam Valekum” . His neighbour replies “Khuda tumhe salamat rakhe beta” meaning may god keep you safe.
This correct answer helps the contestant move forward and it also finishes the animosity between the two families as they are shown hugging. It is a great way to promote national integration and remove religious divide. Such meaningful advertisement’s are very refreshing and always welcome.
They have a positive social message apart from the commercial value that they bring for the advertiser. It calls for intelligent and stimulating minds to create such inspiring ads.
If all advertisers try to incorporate a social message in their ads then instead of people switching and surfing channels between breaks they would look forward to watching the adverts.
The audiences will remember and associate with such brands and such products will have more recall value. So advertising is good if meaningful ads are created otherwise it would only be a blink and you miss scenario. I hope that this IPL season we are treated to many meaningful ads that we enjoy as much as the matches and not bored of watching them again and again.

This Pepsi IPL, it's not just about cricket. It's time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it's chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn't end here… Even if you're chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys?
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