Sunday, November 29, 2015

Protecting your baby's soft skin

The biggest concern for all the parents is how to keep their little ones happy. The most common cause of their unhappiness is discomfort due to rough and dry skin. Baby's skin is the largest and most valuable organ. The exposure to the sun, heat, pollution, dirt and chemical soaps make their skin rough and dry. The skin of a baby is very soft so dip a washcloth in soapy water and use it gently to wash baby's scalp with a baby shampoo.
 To clean the faces do use a moisturized cotton ball and gently dab with it. Once the skin is dry apply baby lotion immediately to seal in the moisture and prevent dry skin.
 Make sure to purchase products for babies which are fragrance free and also use tear free shampoos, bath gels and lotions,be watchful of the baby's reaction in case it is allergic. Always keep the baby skin protected. Its always a good idea to sprinkle a small amount of powder on the baby's bottom.
Always avoid perfumed, and deodorant soaps which are harsh for the child’s skin when a toddler. Baby soaps are the best.
In winters the dry weather can harm the baby's skin so give them lots of water to stay hydrated during the cold, dry months.
Dress the baby in layers year round so one can easily change them into proper clothing to shield them from sunlight, heat and cold. Always skip fragrant laundry detergents that might irritate baby's skin.

Diaper changing routine is often a nightmare for babies and one will find them crying during that time. Change child's diaper frequently, wiping gently but thoroughly each time with baby wipes. Dab diaper cream or put warm water on baby's bottom, gently pat dry. Wait a few moments to air dry so moisture doesn’t lead to irritating diaper rash. To avoid this bad experience I always prefer Pampers.
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5 Steps to keep your baby’s skin sof

5 Steps to keep your baby’s skin soft
My house was filled with happiness on birth of my niece. She looked like a little angel. She looked cute, adorable and soft. Elders were busy advising as to what is right for the little baby saying that the skin of the new born is very soft and sensitive. So it is very important to keep the baby's skin hydrated by bathing it in warm water for only three to five minutes. Never let the baby sit or play for long in soapy water. Always apply a lotion or moisturizer immediately after bath while the skin is still wet and then pat dry instead of rubbing were some of the things highlighted by the ladies of the house. 
Till the age of 3 the child's skin is very delicate and soft and needs a special care. Factors such as cold, wind, sun, dry air and pollution makes their skin rough and thus irritating them and the skin is sometimes prone to red blotches. Our first concern is to keep the baby’s skin soft, flexible and comfortable throughout the day and night. It should be just fun and no tears for the baby. We must use only skin care products that are specially formulated for a baby's skin, which are hypoallergenic and tested under the supervision of dermatologists and pediatricians.
 After baby’s daily bath time we must carefully moisturize the entire body and face using a moisturizing cream and body lotion. We should warm the products with the tips of our fingers so that the baby won’t be surprised by the temperature of the cream and accept it easily. The baby enjoys the gentle massage with moisturizing products and massaging oils until it has fully penetrated the skin. It is very relaxing and nourishing for the skin. 
It is very important to check the area behind the child's ears on regular basis as this area is often overlooked and prone to rashes and dryness. Baby's lips and exposed area's should not be overlooked. Always cover the baby's head, nose, throat, ears and hands with a soft scarf to protect them from cold and chilly air during winters.
 It is also important to keep the baby clean and dry. So we only rely on pampers as nappy area is vulnerable to infection and rashes. Should change your baby's nappy either just before or right after each feed, after every bowel movement, before putting them to bed and when they wake up after a long sleep. It may also be worth putting a fresh nappy on them just before setting off for an outing. We have been using pampers for the kids in the family as Pampers takes on the responsibility of ensuring that all its products are safe - for every baby. Pampers makes the baby wrapped in the softest and caressed in comfort.#SoftestForBabySkin

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”