Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My 2015 resolution with Micromax Canvas TAB P666

  I am an avid gamer and what better resolution could I make then playing all the latest games. Even better resolution would be if I could play them on the new Micromax Canvas Tab P666 Being a gaming enthusiast I am always on the lookout for devices that have a powerful process and a graphic display to match. The P666 Canvas Tab from Micromax has an Intel Atom processor of 1.2 GHz. With a Intel Inside mark I am confident that all my apps will run smoothly on the Android KitKat 4.4.2 operating system. Gamers are always concerned about the screen size and the display as this parameter can make or mar the gaming experience. With a 8 inch 20.32 cm screen and a screen resolution WXGA (800*1280) and a IPS screen with a Color depth of 16 million colours every game and visual will come alive. That means that I can not only have a realistic and true to life gaming experience but also I can enjoy watching movies with crystal clear clarity on the 8 inch screen of the Canvas P666 tab.
I always like devices that give a number of options of connectivity and the P666 canvas tab has 3G, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity. How this will help is that I can use the Wi-Fi connectivity to download games or challenge my friends over a game and the  3G connectivy will ensure that even when I am traveling I can go online and even make use of free calling services like Viber or Skype. It has 2 cameras the 5 Megapixel rear and the 2 Megapixel in front that will come in handy to boast about my high gaming score to all my gaming friends via video calls.
The Bluetooth 4.0 will help me transfer files between devices quickly and seamlessly.
Gaming devices are always storage hungry as they always need a lot of space for the storage of installed files. The Micromax Canvas Tab P666 comes with an internal storage space of  3.99GB (Apps + Phone storage) and an expandable storage memory of up to 32 GB. I am sure that this space will be enough to accommodate a large number of my games. The 4400 mAh battery is designed to last me even during intense graphic game plays. It also supports up to 15 hours of talk time and up to 325 hours of standby time. So this tab is not just for gaming but also for avid chit chatters like me. I can go on talking endlessly wishing a happy new year 2015 to all my friends without having to recharge the device. 
Since it is a Micromax device so I am bound to get a bang for my bucks with this power pack of a performance. It has a  number of very useful apps pre installed like BookMyShow, Clean Master, Dr. Safety, Hike, Mi-Games, Mi-Insurance, Mi-Live, Mi-Pick, Mi-Security, Opera Mini, Truecaller, Games (Gravity, Grow Away, Where's My Perry?)

I am very confident that this new tab is designed to enhance and enrich the user experience and with this new device not only will I be able to make my new year resolution come true but be better connected will all my friends and make use of all the wonderful features of this new and stylish device from Micromax

Monday, December 29, 2014

Melbourne notes from a travelers Diary

Melbourne has been a dream destination for me from my childhood. It’s a love affair that started many years Ago
Since a long time I have been writing a diary keeping a track of all those places that I want to visit in Melbourne and the top of the list has always been going to Sovereign Hill and try my luck at gold panning. Who knows what  fortune might be awaiting me There .
Going on a long drive with my beloved on the Great ocean road seems to be the ultimate romantic experience

Visiting the chocolate factory has been a childhood dream and looks like I will be able to live it when I visit the Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

However food is another passion of mine and Melbourne offers some delectable delicacies from around the world

After good food I feel like I am on top of the world an experience matched perhaps by a balloon ride

Contest : Win a shopping voucher by answering

"Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?". 
Answer between 31st Dec 2014 and 5th Jan 2015

for Further information about Melbourne visit here
Tourism Victoria website
Contest is Now Closed
Congratulations "Yagnesh Joshi " for winning this contest.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Milta hai chain sachchai se

I have always known my father as a strict disciplinarian who believes in punctuality and following rules. Truthfulness is another virtue that he has always inculcated in me . He speaks the truth and expects the same of me . These are some of the ground rules that describe the basis of  my relationship with him. However besides his tough exterior is a caring  doting father who always wants to protect me from all ills of this world. One day on my college notice board I saw a circular announcing a training program and expedition for rock climbing and trekking expedition. My friends were very excited by the news. The free spirited  adventurer within me told me that this was a camp just for someone like me. However there was another voice in my heart that said that I would not get permission from my father to attend the camp. It was to be a ten day camp. Away from my city on the foothills of the Aravali  range.
Undeterred by the thought that my father may reject my idea of going on this expedition I began thinking of how to break the news to him. As a preparation for the camp I starting going for a jog to remain fit. Then  I saw another  circular on the college notice board. This time it was about an educational tour to south India. This got me thinking, what if I took permission from my father for this education tour and instead went for the rock climbing and trekking expedition? This way I will get the permission from my father and I would be able to pursue my desire of following my heart and taking part in the adventure activity. So I did two things first I showed him the circular for the educational tour to south India and got his permission and secondly I signed the consent form for attending the adventure camp on my fathers behalf. At that moment I did not realize that by not telling my father the truth I was only trying to fool myself. Maybe telling this half truth and concealing my intentions from my father was a way of running away from the truth and  making peace with myself at that point of time. When the time came I packed my bags and reached college and as I had decided earlier instead on going on the educational trip, joined the group that was going to attend the adventure camp.
There is something about not telling the truth that we seldom realize, that before we tell a lie to someone else we have to lie to ourselves. This lie pricks us at some level of consciousness. That is just what happened with me as well. The day after we reached the camp we had a  rope climbing activity. As I had been exercising regularly and preparing for this camp I excelled in this activity. Normally whenever I excel in anything my parents and specially my father is the person with whom I want to share the news. However this time it was not possible as I was even hiding the fact from him that I was in an adventure camp. Next day I did even better and came out as a clear winner in all the activities. However instead of feeling happy about my victory and performance. I was only feeling down. What if my father came to know about my escapade then what will happen and how would he react.
The  voice within me rebuked me for not having told my father the truth. It was a strange suffocating feeling that is so hard to describe. The joy of the adventure camp was lost for me . By the third day I could not even concentrate on the activity and by the time the night came I was very tired both physically and also due to mental self nagging. Despite having done very well at the camp I was fed up of my internal tussle and turmoil. I could not sleep and ended up calling up my father.
Just as he picked up the phone he enquired how my education trip was going on. Mustering courage I told him the truth. Mentally I prepared to get a good scolding on the phone itself. However to my surprise he was calm and asked me why had I decided to give him this information now. I told him as to how my conscience had been pricking me and I was not able to eat ,drink and sleep well and how the joy of the camp had been lost for me. There was a loving warmth in his voice as he asked me to enjoy the camp. Just telling him everything had made me feel so light as if a great burden had been removed from my head . I had experienced the result of telling a lie and right then I was revelling in the sunshine which truth brings, and I was bright and carefree. That day I had learnt an important lesson of my life that truth gives you peace of mind i.e Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein

Thursday, December 18, 2014

vacation with kids is magical

Magical Vacations have two aspects ,  Magical vacations for us as adults and magical vacations for the children . The interesting part is when children and parents both have fun on a vacation then it becomes a truly magical vacation. The reason for this is simple. During the day to day activity of an adult the life is divided into compartments like office life ,domestic life, life with colleagues, life spent in shopping for groceries or paying  bills. The same happens with children either they are so young that they cannot speak and express themselves completely or busy with school, home work, friends ,co-curricular or extra classes like dance,painting etc
So when do the children and the parents spend undiluted quality time together? The answer is on a holiday. What if the holiday was only a shopping destination where the mom is busy the entire day shopping. The kids would only get bored and perhaps wonder why did they come on a holiday in the first place. What if the destination has only activities for kids. Then the parents would get bored and tied down with nothing much to do. So when a vacation with kids is functional for both the kids and the parents and where both sets of people have fun individually and as a team then the magic of the vacation begins to unfold. A magical vacation strikes a balance of the interest and activities related to the kids as well as those of the adults, that is the parents. Typically a balance vacation is one where the interest of both the parents and the children are satisfied.
Children are a bundle of joy and energy . Being around children is in itself magical there is so much to learn from them all the time. When we are on a vacation we as parents get to spend more time with them so can have some great time  together. The only caveat to the statement is that today’s children are a very intelligent lot, well informed ,intelligent young lot who have their own opinions and like to exercise their choices. So the parents have to  keep in mind this aspect while choosing a vacation destination. The destination should be children friendly and offer some activities for them, this could be an activity center at the hotel or a resort. Special breakfast or meals prepared specially for them . or the timing of the visit can be in sync with some children centric activity for example at Christmas time if there is a special Christmas Fair to celebrate the yuletide spirit then it would surely enhance the fun factor for the children. Happy children will be less fussy about food and less likely to trouble the parents. Moreover for  parents the children are the focal point of their lives  and when they see the children enjoying the vacations then the true magic of a vacation begins to unfold. Interestingly even children seem to enjoy more in activities where their parents are in the vicinity or are their team members . Such activities can be  playing games like cricket or football or even a walk,walking hand in hand with the children exploring the countryside learning much from them and in turn telling them the names of the plants and the flowers.This is the moment we all yearn for sharing the magical bounty of nature made more magical with each others company.

Friday, December 12, 2014

At the Marina Beach

Walking along the famous Marina beach I could see the vast Sea as far as the eye could see. Vast stretch of the beach teaming with people. These are are my thoughts as I walked along the beach put together in a poem

At the Marina beach
Walking along the shore
I see the melting sun
With passing tick of the clock
It  goes down and down

It goes down merging into the sea
The sand beneath my feet quivers and tickles
The waves coming from the sea get stronger and stronger
threatening to sweep me off my feet
And the Sun splashes its colors
on the canvas of the sky littered with small and big clouds
and yet with each passing tick of the cloud
I see the Sun going down and down


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Time

Winter time is here again
           Let's go out and have some fun.
No need to hide inside the doors,
           Go laze out in the sun.
Catch back with old acquaintances
           on what you did and did not do.
Sit back on the benches
           with a paper in your hand.
Discuss the latest with your friends.
            Go play a game of ball,jog or run
Eating peanuts,chatting nineteen to the dozen
           As you laze out in the sun
Its winter time once again
           Time to have some fun.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Staying Healthy In The Winters

Summers sap out your energy and tire you out.The heat is oppressive and makes you wish that winters were here.Now with the advent of winter,we must make the best use of it.It's time to boost your energy.This can be done by following a regime of good diet and excercise.There are plenty of nourishing foods available and we must include them in our breakfast,lunch and dinner.Fruits rich in Vitamin C like Oranges and guava are a must to increase our immunity against cold and flu.We can eat them with our breakfast or at any time of the day.There are vegetables like carrots,spinach and amla which are rich in vitamins and iron and must be added to boost the energy levels.Carrots can be taken either raw in the form of a salad or as a cooked vegetable.Amla juice is good for the skin, hair and eyes,and anti ageing being a good antioxidant.When added to cooked vegetables it enhances their quality and taste.Apples and good quality ones abound in winters,so we must add them to our daily diet.
Mother Nature has provided us with everything that we need according to the different weathers.The only important thing is our initiative to make them a part of our life by including them in our diet and reaping the benefits provided by them.