Thursday, December 18, 2014

vacation with kids is magical

Magical Vacations have two aspects ,  Magical vacations for us as adults and magical vacations for the children . The interesting part is when children and parents both have fun on a vacation then it becomes a truly magical vacation. The reason for this is simple. During the day to day activity of an adult the life is divided into compartments like office life ,domestic life, life with colleagues, life spent in shopping for groceries or paying  bills. The same happens with children either they are so young that they cannot speak and express themselves completely or busy with school, home work, friends ,co-curricular or extra classes like dance,painting etc
So when do the children and the parents spend undiluted quality time together? The answer is on a holiday. What if the holiday was only a shopping destination where the mom is busy the entire day shopping. The kids would only get bored and perhaps wonder why did they come on a holiday in the first place. What if the destination has only activities for kids. Then the parents would get bored and tied down with nothing much to do. So when a vacation with kids is functional for both the kids and the parents and where both sets of people have fun individually and as a team then the magic of the vacation begins to unfold. A magical vacation strikes a balance of the interest and activities related to the kids as well as those of the adults, that is the parents. Typically a balance vacation is one where the interest of both the parents and the children are satisfied.
Children are a bundle of joy and energy . Being around children is in itself magical there is so much to learn from them all the time. When we are on a vacation we as parents get to spend more time with them so can have some great time  together. The only caveat to the statement is that today’s children are a very intelligent lot, well informed ,intelligent young lot who have their own opinions and like to exercise their choices. So the parents have to  keep in mind this aspect while choosing a vacation destination. The destination should be children friendly and offer some activities for them, this could be an activity center at the hotel or a resort. Special breakfast or meals prepared specially for them . or the timing of the visit can be in sync with some children centric activity for example at Christmas time if there is a special Christmas Fair to celebrate the yuletide spirit then it would surely enhance the fun factor for the children. Happy children will be less fussy about food and less likely to trouble the parents. Moreover for  parents the children are the focal point of their lives  and when they see the children enjoying the vacations then the true magic of a vacation begins to unfold. Interestingly even children seem to enjoy more in activities where their parents are in the vicinity or are their team members . Such activities can be  playing games like cricket or football or even a walk,walking hand in hand with the children exploring the countryside learning much from them and in turn telling them the names of the plants and the flowers.This is the moment we all yearn for sharing the magical bounty of nature made more magical with each others company.

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