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A Simple Massage Can Help Your Baby Take The Next Step In Life

As parents we have a number of responsibilities towards our baby and giving your baby a caring but gentle massage that is a very good way to help the baby. As a baby is small a complete massage from the head to toe can usually be completed in about 15 to 20 minutes but it has benefits that last the baby an entire lifetime. To start with the touch of the parent for its baby and baby’s touch for its parent is a very rewarding experience for both. It helps the two bond and it is a cherished baby steps towards a relationship of a lifetime. This is also the time when the baby grows at a very fast pace both mentally and physically. A healthy massage makes the baby healthy and looking at the baby grow day by day and how it responds to the parent . Each day the hand eye coordination of the baby increases and as we massage the baby we can actually observe the baby grow at a fast pace. However it is important to be gentle with the baby. The idea is to soothe the baby and not to do and harsh strokes against the soft and delicate skin. It is a good practice to make the baby lie on its back on a soft towel . The room should be pleasant and the baby should not be exposed to extreme temperatures like extreme heat under direct Sun or a extremely cold room should be clearly avoided. It is important to do the massage when you are not in a hurry to finish it as a chore and rush on to another job. Even the baby should be relaxed and calm. For the oils there are a number of choices and at the top of my list is olive oil. Olive oil nourishes the skin and aids in the healthy growth of the body. Extreme care should be taken that the oil is free of any artificial coloring and contaminants. It should not have anything that can harm the child’s delicate skin and body. With these needs in view I find that Dabur Massage Baby Oil happens to be a product of choice. The Dabur Massage Baby Oil does not have any artificial coloring. There is no Paraffin and Paraben added or present in the Dabur Baby Massage Oil.

It has an additional benefit that Almond oil is also present in the Baby massage oil. The property of almond oil is that it moisturizes the baby skin helps to keep the baby’s skin glowing and supple throughout the day. A simple step of adding and using the Dabur Baby Massage Oil in a young infants life helps you lay the foundation of a life in which the baby remains calm, healthy and grows up happily overcoming the challenges of the growing up years.

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How a Massage Can Make Your Baby Happier and Healthier

Whenever my baby cries I simply hold it in my arms and slowly it calms down. I find that holding my baby and its touch is very relaxing even for me. So when by merely holding my son makes him calm down then why not give him a head to toe massage .
A good body massage is a very efficient way to nourish the baby’s skin. The muscles get stronger and the body in general grows better.As a medical doctor I  know the fact that a good and gentle massage stimulates the central nervous system of the baby’s body. A little baby’s life is full of challenges .As it grows sometimes it experiences growing pains and on other times it has colic or stomach pain due to gas. As parents feed the infant at regular and timely intervals the reason for them to cry most often is constipation or gas in the abdomen.The baby who cannot speak or communicate finds it extremely difficult to communicate and tell about its troubles. However when we provide a head to toe massage the entire process is not only relaxing but also very therapeutic for the baby. Its various pressure points get stimulated and activated. Some also believe that the relaxed state of the baby helps it fight the disease germ fighting properties. Even the trapped gas in the stomach can get displaced and find an escape route.
As per medical science the touch sets off a chain reaction that stimulates the brain to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical substance, known as a feel good chemical that reduces  cortisol which is a hormone which is secreted when the body is in stress. The physical symptoms are elevated heart rate and breathing. So when this stress is reduced the breathing and heart rate gets back to normal.
Now the question is with what should the massage be done. Oil  massage is a good way to nourish the skin and help the child’s body get stronger. Almond oil helps moisturize the skin and if we use a product that has a combination of both these oils then we can give the baby the benefits of both the oils to our little baby.A product which incorporates both this oils is Dabur Baby Massage Oil. This baby oil does not contain any artificial coloring.
It is also free from any paraffin and parabens.
This baby oil is a great product to incorporate in a baby’s daily care routine. It helps the baby remain calmer, happier and grow into a healthy individual.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Its Song Dance and Masti Time

My playlist of hip and happening songs keeps changing over time. Here is my all time favorite list and it has a special addition the new released Allu Arjun and Anushka MAnchanda Song but before you savoir the song let me build it up a bit for you with a collection that would be A favorite of quite a many.
#1 Add a little high school nostalgia to a film and put in some good music and if you have Alia Bhatt shaking a leg on the song its got to be a hit and the song that I am talking about is the Radha song from the movie Student of the year.
Its ironic that a few months before the release I came across  Soni Razdan ,Alia Bhatts mother at the Chowpatty part of the Juhu beach while doing a morning walk. Little would she have ever imagined that her little daughter would be becoming such a big star and that too so soon. Full credit goes to the starlet for her talent and the Radha song did give her the actress a chance to shake a leg and display her oomph factor as well.
 #2 There is this particular song called Rum and Whiskey from the movie Vicky Donor that caught my attention when I heard it for the first time on the radio. This song was one of the reasons for me to go and watch the film even though the lyrics  are in Punjabi and I have no idea what they mean but I just loved the song and I was slightly disappointed to find it at the end of the film used as a backdrop to roll the credits. What a waste of such a wonderful song I thought. I was not alone in being a fan of the song as I met an old acquaintance at the theater who was watching the movie sixth time just to watch the song.
#3 There is this song called Desi Daru from the film Cocktail. I love to play it at my parties and if someone believes that it is not a dance song fit for dancing and come and watch people dance on this song with their innovative dance moves
#4 Sheila Ki Jawani yes it is in my playlist. Actually I never thought that such a song would be in my playlist but I used to get so many requests for it at parties that the beats that play in the background made me fall in love with the music pieces that play in between and I must confess I play it to see all the pot bellied uncles and aunties groove to this number with their unconventional moves.
#5 Lat Lag Gayee Bollywood Song from  Race 2 has  Saif Ali Khan and  Jacqueline has a great high energy and very refreshing moves and its cool factor makes it an instant hit for me.
#6 Subha Hone Na De Full Song" from the movie Desi Boyz starring  Akshay Kumar and  John Abraham is a cool number for any occasion and finds itself comfortably seated in my playlist.
#7 Badtameez Dil Song from the hit Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani staring  Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone is a all time maxfresh song for me
#8 Balam Pichkari from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani staring  Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone  is a full on masti song that is always part of my playlist. It had so much fun associated with the song.
#9 Want to make a hit fun song high on energy and fun factor then follow my advice take sharukh Khan and Anushka Sharma and make them hang under a bridge trying to diffuse a bomb. Their chemistry will transform you to a dream land where you will find Anushka Sharma singing and dancing to a song called Jiya Re and the movie would be called Jab tak hai Jaan  
# 10 Yes it time to showcase the new song of the block featuring Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun. It has some cool lyrics, The spicy tadka of Anushka Manchanda’s voice and the must follow dance moves of Allu  Arjun.

Take it away people and hit the dance floors or take the dance steps to your dance floor or dancing in front of the groom sitting on his wedding horse. Just feel the music,let go and enjoy

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The Evergreen Solution

Aloe vera gel and lemon juice have immense beauty benefits.I use it for my hair.They provide nourishment, prevent excess oiliness, eliminate dandruff, encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss. Regular application of this guarantees a beautiful shiny hair and a glowing complexion.It is a very simple solution. Prepare an aloe vera and lemon juice mask. We need 2 aloe vera leaves, half a lemon. Squeeze out the juice from half a lemon.Pour the thick, succulent aloe vera gel into a blender.Pour the lemon juice into the blender as well.Blend the mixture for about one minute.Pour the mixture from the blender into a bowl.Its ready.

Aloe vera is a soothing beauty ingredient which helps keep your skin healthy and repairs damaged one with its healing properties. I use Aloe Vera to moisturize. It has excellent moisturizing capabilities. It effectively cleans and softens the skin. The moisturizing effect works for both men and women. The antimicrobial properties of aloe vera also make it an excellent option for acne treatment. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the skin inflammation caused by acne.

I Apply aloe vera gel to my face regularly to diminish the lines and wrinkles which is associated with ageing and loss of elasticity in the skin. Aloe vera contains both vitamin C and E, both of which are known to be vital for healthy skin and also help to improve natural firmness, leaving my skin soft, supple and hydrated. The healing properties of aloe vera gel can additionally help to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with sunburn. It serves to restore my skin's natural moisture.
For glowing skin try this. Create a paste with a small amount of turmeric using 1 tsp of milk, 1 tsp of honey and a few drops of rose water. Then add the aloe vera gel to the paste and mix well. Once the paste has been mixed, evenly apply to the face and neck and leave for roughly 20 minutes. Wash off with cold or warm water and pat dry to reveal your new glowing skin.

This is a very effective Aloe Vera Detox face pack
Nee Aloe vera, Mango fruit, Lime juice
Blend the aloe gel extract along with cut pieces of mango fruit.
Add lime juice to the paste and apply it on your face for 20 mins before rinsing it with cold water.
This pack will detoxify the skin and freshens it.Aloe vera is good for skin,health and hair.
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Hello healthy skin

I am doctor by profession and in a day I get at least 10 patient who suffer from side effects after using costly cosmetics. I ask them to immediately stop using any cosmetics and begin use natural products. I recommend the use of neem leaves in daily routine. It is  used in many Ayurvedic medicines because of its numerous benefits. Neem leaves should be consumed as well as used in beauty packs.

Here are some of the solutions I share with them. It works wonders.

- Neem controls excess oil. Those who have oily skin should make a paste by mixing neem powder with lemon juice and little yogurt. This paste controls excess oil formation.

- Mix neem powder with rose petal powder, yogurt and a little milk to make a smooth paste. Apply it and let it rest for 15 minutes and rinse with water that is mixed with 2-3 tbsp. of rose water. This add glow to the skin.

- Mix neem powder, with Tulsi powder, sandalwood powder and rose water to make a fine paste. Apply the paste on your face and let it dry before you wash it off with cold water. Regular usage will help in lightening the blemishes

- Mix neem powder with some water and few drops of grape seed oil and apply it to your face for getting rid of dryness of skin thus giving a very balanced effect.

- Neem contains immune-stimulating compounds and regenerative properties that help the skin to fight pathogens below the skin surface thus keeping the skin remain supple. Applying neem oil on your face or adding neem powder to your face packs helps in soothing the skin and reducing the effects of aging

- Neem has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that help in soothing the skin in case you are suffering from some skin allergy or infection. Boil the neem leaves refrigerating it so that it cools down.& apply the water on the allergy.

- Neem oil helps in getting rid of itchiness and irritation. It also helps in keeping the skin moisturized thus reducing the dryness and scaling. The anti- bacterial properties also prevents development of any further skin infections.

- Neem offers instantaneous and long-term relief from eczema. It also effectively cleans the rashes caused due to eczema. You can boil neem bark in water and use its paste as a pack against Eczema.

- Neem is a magical herb that not only helps to treat skin problems but also scalp and hair problems that to effectively and safely. To reduce hair fall and to get rid of dandruff, boil a handful of neem leaves in 2 cups of water till the leaves changes color and the water becomes greenish. Use this water as the last rinse after you shampoo your hair. The anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties of neem help in getting rid of dandruff keeping your scalp healthy and help in stimulating hair growth.

- Neem has regenerative properties which help in reducing hair fall. An oil massage to the scalp using neem oil can increase blood circulation in the scalp and help in enhancing rate of hair growth

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Is your child phone ready

Last time I visited a mall I saw a toddler in a pram who could barely speak handling a smart phone and playing a game on it. Now days finding kids with phones that are expensive and complicated to operate is not at all uncommon. We find them all the time but it raises an important question as to what is the right time to give a phone to a kid.
Ready through the post I was set off to explore the various points that would decide if a child is ready for his or her first cell phone
# 1. The first pointer is a valid reason to have one. My neighbors kids remain with the maid after school hours and are off to one class to another and need to be contacted from time to time so does that make them eligible for a cell phone. So according to Mihalas article it is a case of Your Child needs a cell phone vs your child wants a cell phone. If it comes to tracking a child’s where about and contacting him then the scale tends to tip in the favor of the child getting a phone.
#2 Refers to the fact that the child must be ready to be tracked and monitored in terms of data usage and net activity by the parent. I have seen children as young as ten talking extensively for hours with their friends over the phone, being constantly disturbed by messages during their tution classes and using the phone as a gaming console and playing endless hours playing games. In such cases the usefulness and productiveness of the phone is greatly diminished and it becomes more of a distracting factor in their live an addiction which is hard to get over with.
#3 Talks about the maturity level of the child. As to if the child is mature enough to take care of his or her things. There is no point in giving expensive devices to a kid who is constantly keeping and forgetting things or losing then in parks or school bus. Only when the child is mature enough to handle and look after a smart phone should be given.I completely agree with this point.
#4 As a parent it becomes our responsibility to see what apps are there on the phone and if any of these lead to the child being bullied in any way. I think that this is an extremely important point as one needs to be aware of the possible dangers of using the apps and the dangers of exposing the children to unsolicited content and anonymous contacts who could either intimidate the child, bully him or her or create any negative effect or influence in their lives.
#5. It talks about the relationship of the parent / garden with the child and the ability to be able to communicate and explain to them the potential dangers of using smart phone and using discretion such as not disclosing their information and contact details with strangers.
Overall the article can be used as a ready reckoner and a checklist for preparing both the parents and the child for the first smartphone for the child.
The original article can be read here
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Discovering my creative streak with a simple project

My little sister had a craft project to make .The topic said that the student that is my sister is supposed to make something useful and decorative from the items available at home. She came to me for help but frankly speaking having been off academics I was not much help in suggesting any project so the idea of helping her or making a project for her seemed quite far fetched at that instant.
 However being a loving and persuasive sister that is what my sister is she coaxed me into searching for some tips to complete the projects and since nowhere in the school project guidelines did it say that one cannot look for tips from the internet. So I took the help of technology and searched a large number of resources and finally decided that the project of making a mirror on the reward me site that I found here looked interesting and challenging.
The final look of the created mirror was fascinating but sourcing all the parts for the mirror seemed a daunting task. Then looking closer I realized that I already had a circular mirror lying around. The cloth line pegs or clips were lying around in plenty and I and my sister discovered that we had a whole assortment of them in multi color plastic, aluminum to wooden ones.
Since my sister ties a pony tail so she had a few rolls of ribbon that our mother has bought so that they last a long while.
Since our mirror was already circular we need not do much. However we were in a fix as to how to fix the picture hook at the back of the mirror. One solution was to take it to the mirror shop and get it fixed by them but by now both me and my sister were fully immersed in the DIY spirit and decided to look around the house for an alternative solution.
Luckily we found a picture hook with a strong adhesive sticker at the other end. We peeled the protective paper from the adhesive surface and fixed the hook to the rear non reflective side of the mirror. Once we were assured of the strength of the adhesive my sister started following the next step of the instructions from
And used the pegs to create a beautiful pattern around the circumference of the mirror. Slowly a very interesting pattern was emerging as our project was taking shape. By the time she finished attaching the pegs to the circumference of the mirror it began to resemble the sun with the pegs appearing as its emanating rays.
Next she sought my help in completing the next part of the project that was to tie the ribbon through the hook that we had fixed at the back of the mirror. This was to hang it and also offered the opportunity to beautify the project a bit more by making it into a bow or a flower. I managed to tie it into the shape of the bow. The final outcome of the project was very satisfactory thanks to the simple and easy to follow instructions found here
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