Sunday, July 12, 2015

How a Massage Can Make Your Baby Happier and Healthier

Whenever my baby cries I simply hold it in my arms and slowly it calms down. I find that holding my baby and its touch is very relaxing even for me. So when by merely holding my son makes him calm down then why not give him a head to toe massage .
A good body massage is a very efficient way to nourish the baby’s skin. The muscles get stronger and the body in general grows better.As a medical doctor I  know the fact that a good and gentle massage stimulates the central nervous system of the baby’s body. A little baby’s life is full of challenges .As it grows sometimes it experiences growing pains and on other times it has colic or stomach pain due to gas. As parents feed the infant at regular and timely intervals the reason for them to cry most often is constipation or gas in the abdomen.The baby who cannot speak or communicate finds it extremely difficult to communicate and tell about its troubles. However when we provide a head to toe massage the entire process is not only relaxing but also very therapeutic for the baby. Its various pressure points get stimulated and activated. Some also believe that the relaxed state of the baby helps it fight the disease germ fighting properties. Even the trapped gas in the stomach can get displaced and find an escape route.
As per medical science the touch sets off a chain reaction that stimulates the brain to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical substance, known as a feel good chemical that reduces  cortisol which is a hormone which is secreted when the body is in stress. The physical symptoms are elevated heart rate and breathing. So when this stress is reduced the breathing and heart rate gets back to normal.
Now the question is with what should the massage be done. Oil  massage is a good way to nourish the skin and help the child’s body get stronger. Almond oil helps moisturize the skin and if we use a product that has a combination of both these oils then we can give the baby the benefits of both the oils to our little baby.A product which incorporates both this oils is Dabur Baby Massage Oil. This baby oil does not contain any artificial coloring.
It is also free from any paraffin and parabens.
This baby oil is a great product to incorporate in a baby’s daily care routine. It helps the baby remain calmer, happier and grow into a healthy individual.

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