Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Simple Massage Can Help Your Baby Take The Next Step In Life

As parents we have a number of responsibilities towards our baby and giving your baby a caring but gentle massage that is a very good way to help the baby. As a baby is small a complete massage from the head to toe can usually be completed in about 15 to 20 minutes but it has benefits that last the baby an entire lifetime. To start with the touch of the parent for its baby and baby’s touch for its parent is a very rewarding experience for both. It helps the two bond and it is a cherished baby steps towards a relationship of a lifetime. This is also the time when the baby grows at a very fast pace both mentally and physically. A healthy massage makes the baby healthy and looking at the baby grow day by day and how it responds to the parent . Each day the hand eye coordination of the baby increases and as we massage the baby we can actually observe the baby grow at a fast pace. However it is important to be gentle with the baby. The idea is to soothe the baby and not to do and harsh strokes against the soft and delicate skin. It is a good practice to make the baby lie on its back on a soft towel . The room should be pleasant and the baby should not be exposed to extreme temperatures like extreme heat under direct Sun or a extremely cold room should be clearly avoided. It is important to do the massage when you are not in a hurry to finish it as a chore and rush on to another job. Even the baby should be relaxed and calm. For the oils there are a number of choices and at the top of my list is olive oil. Olive oil nourishes the skin and aids in the healthy growth of the body. Extreme care should be taken that the oil is free of any artificial coloring and contaminants. It should not have anything that can harm the child’s delicate skin and body. With these needs in view I find that Dabur Massage Baby Oil happens to be a product of choice. The Dabur Massage Baby Oil does not have any artificial coloring. There is no Paraffin and Paraben added or present in the Dabur Baby Massage Oil.

It has an additional benefit that Almond oil is also present in the Baby massage oil. The property of almond oil is that it moisturizes the baby skin helps to keep the baby’s skin glowing and supple throughout the day. A simple step of adding and using the Dabur Baby Massage Oil in a young infants life helps you lay the foundation of a life in which the baby remains calm, healthy and grows up happily overcoming the challenges of the growing up years.

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