Friday, May 15, 2015

Myairtel the app for every airtel user

What does a consumer of a TELCO or a mobile company like Airtel want? Well if the consumer happens to be a discerning one like me than she or she would want a service that makes interacting with the brand easy. It should  be easy to access ,understand and use.It should offer  transparency of operation and get me a maximum bang for my bucks. Looks like the My Airtel App from airtel is designed and developed to address these prayers and make the life of the Airtel Consumer easy.
This Airtel apps lets me manage my pre paid, post paid, land line  as well as Airtel DTH accounts with ease. The USP for me is that I would get a reward for doing stuff like a recharge.. The rewards which come under the category  of Airtel Surprises   are earned as coupons .These coupons are redeemed across categories like food , shopping, wellness and entertainment.
The coupons can be redeemed from popular brands like PVR cinemas, CafĂ© Coffee Day ,, ,,, Archies,  VLCC etc

What all can I do with this app?  Make it easy for the end user i.e. me to carry out transactions with ease. For this it has a “I want to” section which has the option that one can add a shortcut for the most used or frequently needed option shortcuts under this category so that  these tasks can be easily executed and completed. The tasks that can be added  under this “I want to ” category are as follows…
Bill payments- Make bill payments easily and securely
Recharge- Quickly and after viewing the best offers
Buy packs- The best value packs with the best offers
Record a program- So you never miss a show that is your favorite.
Order games- The latest and hottest games that you want to own and play
View balance- So you are never out of talk time and balance
Data consumed- To manage and handle data usage
Check recharge history- So that one can manage account and manage budget.

3. The mode of payment is the most important aspect of any app use. Mostly people are wary of imputing their credit card information into an app. To address this issue the app has PCIDSS certification. PCIDSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard  that is the proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle branded security cards. This makes each credit card transaction very secure. The saving of credit card information in the app.   Makes saving of credit card information both easy and reliable. This makes each transaction quick easy and reliable.
 As a user can track the bill in real time so one can manage the bill payment and handling of billing cycle with ease. Simplistic interface and ease of use makes using the app very easy. Airtel services can be added or removed from the app with ease.
With this app one can easily manage Wynk, one touch access and Airtel Live with this app.

Using this app aids the user by giving him or her a  low balance alert, low data information and alert, help in keeping a track of bill payment and making the payment.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

My vote goes to

This is a video that I have liked and would like to cast my vote for/
Living it is a video submitted by Kaushal shah it interestingly weaves visuals with cans and bottles of Pepsi into the narrative of the Ad. As the video plays one sees the presence of Pepsi in various frames of the video and it goes as part of the flow of the video. Pepsi living it is the message shown in the video and look how the video unfolds it starts with a woman shown watering her plants that are growing in Pepsi PET bottles that are cut out and made into planters. The audio voice over is To Preserve Natures Elements  The story unfolds as children are showing flying a kite with the Pepsi bottle used as an accessory to fly the kite with all the flying thread wound on the bottle. The audio voice over is “To Dream to Fly High” Here too the concept of Pepsi blending into the lives of the main characters can be seen. Next we see empty Pepsi cans are transformed into wind chimes and one finds two people standing in front of them and enjoying the sounds of the wind chime. The audio voice over is “TO Hold on to memories”. Then the Pepsi ad takes you to a beach where a person is seen preparing a savory snack and one of the accessory used in the preparation is an empty bottle of Pepsi. The audio voice over is “To Add a little Spice”. Then we find a boy using empty cans of Pepsi and using them to practice somersaults again at the beach. The audio voice over is “To see the world in a different light”. Than a girl is seen curling her hair with Pepsi cans as her curlers. The audio voice over is “To accept yourself”.  That’s an innovative use of Pepsi cans and an interesting message to go with it. A group of friends are seen playing a game of truth or dare with a bottle of empty Pepsi. The audio voice over is “To dare to do”. A person is shown playing a game of carom and one can clearly see Pepsi cans are used as a stand for the carom board.  The audio voice over is “To work hard”.
The scene shifts to a game of cricket being played outdoors with the Pepsi can be used innovatively as bails for the wickets. The audio voice over is “Play hard”. The last shot says Pepsi Living it. All along the story of the ad one can see the visuals and the narrative pointing to the fact as to how Pepsi has become so integral part of our lives. Here is a link to the video “Living It” by Kaushal shah and his team and crew that consists of  CREW: Lianne, Aditya, Ritu and Abhinav

 “I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

For me its the best

Ads can be classified as bad, good and the best. Some ads are just ordinary and there is nothing extra ordinary about them. While some ads are interesting and we do not mind watching. Then there are the exceptional few which can be watched again and again. In some ads the message comes out loud and clear while in some you are clueless till the end as to what the message is. As both Pepsi and the IPL catch the attention of all the ads relating to them is an interesting proposition. I have watched nearly all the ads and have selected a few which are worthy of attention.
I have mentioned about a few along with their links and also embedded them in my blog post.
The first one is Dawa  ki nahin. The video shows a patient being examined by a doctor. The doctor comments that what the patient needs is Dawa that is medicine and dua that is prayer. The female companion says that he neither needs medicine nor prayers but only Pepsi. As soon as she shows the bottle of Pepsi the patient gets back his memory and rushes to grab the bottle of Pepsi.
dawa ki nahin

There is another ad worth noting.
Satish Palacholla has put together a video called tribal cricket. It is the trend to cast film stars, cricketers or other celebrities in a Pepsi Ad. In this Ad one finds a bunch of tribal’s playing cricket and to complete the scene is the tribal lingo and then comes the leader of the tribe who drinks Pepsi and hits a cricketing shot. A super interpretation of the Pepsi concept of abhi.

I also like the video that has been uploaded by Pranav Bhasin and it is called Selective Hearing it is an interesting take and slightly quirky one on the subject of selective hearing. It shows the person who is manning a shop that sells Pepsi and other articles. When a customer approaches the owner of the shop and asks him for water he simply does not hear him. However when another person approaches him and wants a Pepsi he is able to hear him well and he gives him the Pepsi gladly. Here is a link to Pranav Bhasin’s video

The video by Nikita Deshpande is my favorite and I would like to vote for it.. It shows the various teams of IPL which have so many states that bring in so much of diversity yet Pepsi is the binding and the common factor. The ad speaks about the different teams with a mention of their state and has co-related them with the respective food of that state thus showing unity in diversity. “Its abhi” or the time to drink a Pepsi. It is both simple, comprehensive and refreshing like a Pepsi.

 “I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kapil Dev and his EkNayiLeague

When I first saw the advert. about #EkNayiLeague on my TV I found the legendary Kapil Dev smiling at me in an ad which lasted a few seconds in which he spoke of a new league that is going to come soon. A league which he says if one played with all their heart then one would surely lose. These words instantly got me interested and my thoughts drifted to Kapil dev of yesteryear’s.

Thinking of Kapil Dev or Kapil Paaji as he is affectionately referred to a lot of thoughts come to my mind he was a lanky tall bowler who balled fast, then he came to be known as a bowler who could bat a bit. Thereafter he transformed himself to a batsman who won India matches. He became an all rounder who helped India win crucial games. So what ever Kapil Dev does he does it with intensity,sincerity and full earnestness. When I hear him say that there is going to be a new league than I begin to think that since Kapil Paaji is a sports person who has won many games for India also what ever he does he excels in it so the new league that he is talking about has to be something very exciting. It would involve a competitive game play of some sort like a televised Game show where celebrities are invited to come and play. However when he that is Kapil Dev says that if one plays with dil se then one is bound to lose so I begin to think that it would require mental skills and the ability to perform mental tasks without heart taking the decisions. Kapil dev is seen in a number of ads talking about various people. In one of the Ads he talks about how Yuvraj Singh is making Big money in IPL andf he feels happy for him. So I believe that even this #EkNayiLeague that Kapil Dev talks about would involve big money for the participants. He also mentions in one ad as to how happy he feels when Sania Mirza does well on the International tennis scene. I am sure the #EkNayiLeague would feature a lot of players from other sports apart from cricket and tennis. I would be expecting woman sportsperson to be part of this #EkNayiLeague. Then in one of the ads Kapil Dev is seen talking about how Dev Anand told him not to retire and how a star never retires. Surely a lot of stars would be featured in #EkNayiLeague. When Kapil Dev tallks about Kapil Sharma it reenforces the fact that if a person plays the #EkNayiLeague with all their heart then they would get out I get a feeling that this #EkNayiLeague will have participants from other walks of life like television, sports and films.. Both existing players and those who have hung their boots are likely to be seen in #EkNayiLeague. Whatever the final outcome and format of #EkNayiLeague, it is bound to be full of a lot of excitement and keep us all glued to this new #EkNayiLeague