Thursday, May 14, 2015

My vote goes to

This is a video that I have liked and would like to cast my vote for/
Living it is a video submitted by Kaushal shah it interestingly weaves visuals with cans and bottles of Pepsi into the narrative of the Ad. As the video plays one sees the presence of Pepsi in various frames of the video and it goes as part of the flow of the video. Pepsi living it is the message shown in the video and look how the video unfolds it starts with a woman shown watering her plants that are growing in Pepsi PET bottles that are cut out and made into planters. The audio voice over is To Preserve Natures Elements  The story unfolds as children are showing flying a kite with the Pepsi bottle used as an accessory to fly the kite with all the flying thread wound on the bottle. The audio voice over is “To Dream to Fly High” Here too the concept of Pepsi blending into the lives of the main characters can be seen. Next we see empty Pepsi cans are transformed into wind chimes and one finds two people standing in front of them and enjoying the sounds of the wind chime. The audio voice over is “TO Hold on to memories”. Then the Pepsi ad takes you to a beach where a person is seen preparing a savory snack and one of the accessory used in the preparation is an empty bottle of Pepsi. The audio voice over is “To Add a little Spice”. Then we find a boy using empty cans of Pepsi and using them to practice somersaults again at the beach. The audio voice over is “To see the world in a different light”. Than a girl is seen curling her hair with Pepsi cans as her curlers. The audio voice over is “To accept yourself”.  That’s an innovative use of Pepsi cans and an interesting message to go with it. A group of friends are seen playing a game of truth or dare with a bottle of empty Pepsi. The audio voice over is “To dare to do”. A person is shown playing a game of carom and one can clearly see Pepsi cans are used as a stand for the carom board.  The audio voice over is “To work hard”.
The scene shifts to a game of cricket being played outdoors with the Pepsi can be used innovatively as bails for the wickets. The audio voice over is “Play hard”. The last shot says Pepsi Living it. All along the story of the ad one can see the visuals and the narrative pointing to the fact as to how Pepsi has become so integral part of our lives. Here is a link to the video “Living It” by Kaushal shah and his team and crew that consists of  CREW: Lianne, Aditya, Ritu and Abhinav

 “I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

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