Friday, May 15, 2015

Myairtel the app for every airtel user

What does a consumer of a TELCO or a mobile company like Airtel want? Well if the consumer happens to be a discerning one like me than she or she would want a service that makes interacting with the brand easy. It should  be easy to access ,understand and use.It should offer  transparency of operation and get me a maximum bang for my bucks. Looks like the My Airtel App from airtel is designed and developed to address these prayers and make the life of the Airtel Consumer easy.
This Airtel apps lets me manage my pre paid, post paid, land line  as well as Airtel DTH accounts with ease. The USP for me is that I would get a reward for doing stuff like a recharge.. The rewards which come under the category  of Airtel Surprises   are earned as coupons .These coupons are redeemed across categories like food , shopping, wellness and entertainment.
The coupons can be redeemed from popular brands like PVR cinemas, CafĂ© Coffee Day ,, ,,, Archies,  VLCC etc

What all can I do with this app?  Make it easy for the end user i.e. me to carry out transactions with ease. For this it has a “I want to” section which has the option that one can add a shortcut for the most used or frequently needed option shortcuts under this category so that  these tasks can be easily executed and completed. The tasks that can be added  under this “I want to ” category are as follows…
Bill payments- Make bill payments easily and securely
Recharge- Quickly and after viewing the best offers
Buy packs- The best value packs with the best offers
Record a program- So you never miss a show that is your favorite.
Order games- The latest and hottest games that you want to own and play
View balance- So you are never out of talk time and balance
Data consumed- To manage and handle data usage
Check recharge history- So that one can manage account and manage budget.

3. The mode of payment is the most important aspect of any app use. Mostly people are wary of imputing their credit card information into an app. To address this issue the app has PCIDSS certification. PCIDSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard  that is the proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle branded security cards. This makes each credit card transaction very secure. The saving of credit card information in the app.   Makes saving of credit card information both easy and reliable. This makes each transaction quick easy and reliable.
 As a user can track the bill in real time so one can manage the bill payment and handling of billing cycle with ease. Simplistic interface and ease of use makes using the app very easy. Airtel services can be added or removed from the app with ease.
With this app one can easily manage Wynk, one touch access and Airtel Live with this app.

Using this app aids the user by giving him or her a  low balance alert, low data information and alert, help in keeping a track of bill payment and making the payment.

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