Thursday, May 14, 2015

For me its the best

Ads can be classified as bad, good and the best. Some ads are just ordinary and there is nothing extra ordinary about them. While some ads are interesting and we do not mind watching. Then there are the exceptional few which can be watched again and again. In some ads the message comes out loud and clear while in some you are clueless till the end as to what the message is. As both Pepsi and the IPL catch the attention of all the ads relating to them is an interesting proposition. I have watched nearly all the ads and have selected a few which are worthy of attention.
I have mentioned about a few along with their links and also embedded them in my blog post.
The first one is Dawa  ki nahin. The video shows a patient being examined by a doctor. The doctor comments that what the patient needs is Dawa that is medicine and dua that is prayer. The female companion says that he neither needs medicine nor prayers but only Pepsi. As soon as she shows the bottle of Pepsi the patient gets back his memory and rushes to grab the bottle of Pepsi.
dawa ki nahin

There is another ad worth noting.
Satish Palacholla has put together a video called tribal cricket. It is the trend to cast film stars, cricketers or other celebrities in a Pepsi Ad. In this Ad one finds a bunch of tribal’s playing cricket and to complete the scene is the tribal lingo and then comes the leader of the tribe who drinks Pepsi and hits a cricketing shot. A super interpretation of the Pepsi concept of abhi.

I also like the video that has been uploaded by Pranav Bhasin and it is called Selective Hearing it is an interesting take and slightly quirky one on the subject of selective hearing. It shows the person who is manning a shop that sells Pepsi and other articles. When a customer approaches the owner of the shop and asks him for water he simply does not hear him. However when another person approaches him and wants a Pepsi he is able to hear him well and he gives him the Pepsi gladly. Here is a link to Pranav Bhasin’s video

The video by Nikita Deshpande is my favorite and I would like to vote for it.. It shows the various teams of IPL which have so many states that bring in so much of diversity yet Pepsi is the binding and the common factor. The ad speaks about the different teams with a mention of their state and has co-related them with the respective food of that state thus showing unity in diversity. “Its abhi” or the time to drink a Pepsi. It is both simple, comprehensive and refreshing like a Pepsi.

 “I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

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