Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Super Hug for my Super Dad

My father for me is next to God. He had a very busy office life but he did a great act of balancing both the home and his office, he never neglected me. He made sure to tell me bedtime stories whenever possible. He gave me guidance at every step of my life. He suggested to me which subjects I should select in my school. He guided me in charting out my career. He went from college to college with me for my admission while caring for my food and water during these trips as they were extreme hot summer’s days. We had long conversations which helped me made right decisions at the right time and today I realize the decisions which I took with him made my life perfect. Thank you so much papa for those moments when you sacrificed your comfort and pleasures to give me the right guidance. We both love to travel so as a team we have explored different cities and countries just like two best friends. No one could ever guess that we are father and Son. I I have never felt any hesitation discussing anything with my father. He always made me feel comfortable. He answered all my questions. He was the first person to meet my girlfriend. My father is perfect. He is the hero of my life. Santa Claus comes and fulfills wishes only once a year but my father is my real Santa Claus who has fulfilled all my wishes and given me enormous joy every day and every moment of my life. Fathers are emotional too. They look stern but from inside they are very soft and delicate. He supported me at every step of my life and gave me the support of his strong arms, the feeling of security, which gave me courage to conquer the world. My father always supported and encouraged me for higher education. He fought with his elders who were against my education. He firmly but gently convinced them. And now everyone in our family is so proud of me. He is the pillar that keeps our family upright and strong. Single handedly he ensures we have everything we need and are comfortable. My father is understanding, caring, and patient and he diligently listens to any ideas or issues we are facing and decides the best way to solve it. He is always cool and collected in any situation. Family is an important part of my father’s life, though he is a busy man he always makes time for us. I can never repay him for everything he has done but can only be thankful for having such a great dad. My gift for him is a super duper hug He is my first hero and my first inspiration. Thanks Papa!!!
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A thankyou Hug for my Dady Cool

On this fathers day I want to give a very big hug to my father who is my hero, my super hero, my rock star. He never said "NO" to me. He knows everything. Whether it was learning how to ride a bicycle or cracking that almost impossible mathematical problem or even being taught how to swim nothing was difficult for him. He solved from my tiniest to biggest problem with a smile. He once said "failure is the pillar of success". He taught me how to live happy in adverse conditions and how to find out the solution of a problem. His support was always with me. He gave his green signal in my every effort he said I should try and keep trying till I succeed and even then if I fail I must not despair He is there for me always. This support gives immense confidence and strength. One can move mountains with such support. He advised to achieve my goals step by step. He says that always listen to your heart because the only one thing which is true is your heart which can guide you on the right path. My father is my role model. I always wanted to emulate him in whatever manner I could the way he ate, he danced, he moved or socialized I wanted to be exactly like him. I learned from him about values and life is lessons I would want to pass down to my own children one day. He holds a special place in my heart. Like a magician he fulfilled my every wish with a swish just like that. Today I realize how many sacrifices he has made everyday just to fulfill our demands. He is a great man. He is so loving, helpful, and great fun to be with. I am my father’s pampered kid. He pampered me but he also gave me good values and morals. My father lights up my life everyday. He never let me sleep hungry or angry even if he had not eaten his meals after a tiring day. I still remember that after coming home from the office even if he was tired or not feeling up it he never missed playing with me or talking to me. He asked what I had done the whole day and in conversation he gave me life's true lessons. He was always gentle with me never raised his voice nor got impatient or angry with me. In fact he is my daddy cool. No care is greater than my dad's care. I don’t know where to begin thanking you for all that you have done for me. You brought me into the world watched out for me, taught me, laughed with me and spent a lot of time with me. Thanks for being the best DAD I could ask for. A DAD who loved me enough to teach me some tough lessons so my life would be easier later on you are my greatest inspiration. You taught me so many things that are most important. You have taught me how to live a life of character. A great hug is my return gift for all you have done.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Reclaiming my home from bad odor with Ambipur

My home has a peculiar problem that even much after the food has been cooked and consumed it leaves it aroma that lingers on in the home like a unwanted presence almost like a ghost who walks and drifts from one room to another. Even though I never leave my socks anywhere except for the dirty clothes bin yet I find a smell of socks socked in sweat and canvas shoes drifting from one room to another. Is the smell originating from my socks, shoes or my home in general or it comes from a neighboring household is still a mystery to me. I was grappling with the topic and trying to find both the source and the resolution of how to deal with all these odors than one day I realized that the house above mine was rented out to a lady who ran a spices and pickle making business from her premises. I noticed it when I experienced a strong smell of garlic and mango pickles come to my house through the window. It was an unwanted visitor who had found its way to my house but refused to leave. 
Its one thing to savor food with such flavors and aromas but when these smells are strong and persistent then it becomes too tough to handle. The worst part was that there appeared no way of stopping them. I felt deprived of a normal life as the strong smells seemed to be absorbed even by the clothes that I wore. It became difficult to find a clean fresh smell of clothes with out the smell of these spices, condiments and pickles. I used to feel a strange heaviness in my head due to this heady concoction of aromas. I started avoiding coming to home early. Even on weekdays I liked to stay longer then usual in the office and on weekdays I started visiting and staying over at a friends place or at a local mall. How long could this go on? One day I fell ill and was confines to my bed. Running a high fever made me weak and disoriented. I was confined to my bed due to this illness caused by these odors.
 Luckily for me a friend visited me and when I shared my predicament with him I was advised to get myself  Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener. I tried this new product and for the first time I experienced what I had not felt in so many months. It felt as if the heady concoction of spices and condiments had disappeared from my house. More importantly each room felt and smelt fresher. The advice of my friend had helped me reclaim my home from the grip of persistent, overpowering bad odor.
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Ambipur helps me show bad odor the door

When I signed up the rent agreement with my landlord I was named the sole occupant and tenant in the rent agreement. However when I moved in I discovered that I was not the only one living there…
I am a working professional with a very hectic work schedule. I go out early in the morning and come back late at night. Since my house is locked throughout the day there is very little sunlight that gets into my home. As a result when I come back I am greeted by a stale smell the moment I enter my home. The bad odor and staleness was a constant and unwanted companion who would not leave my rented house even for a moment This made me feel as if I was living in a prison cell and I am a prisoner of bad odor. As long as I was the only occupant I somehow managed. However one day I got the news that my ailing grandmother was to come and stay with me. I was very excited to get this news but at the same time I was greatly worried as my grandmother is an asthmatic and prefers to stay in areas which have a fresh and clean surrounding and fresh air. I managed to get the house clean with the help of a domestic help but realized that there was very little I could
do to get rid of the stale musty smell inside the house. Moreover the house or should I say the apartment that I was living in was so constructed that when ever the neighboring flats cooked something in their kitchen the smell of the food would end up in my home. I was particularly concerned by this fact as my grand mother is a strict vegetarion who does not even touch eggs, meat or fish. However in my house the smell of fish and meat being cooked is a regular visitor during meal time as it is being cooked on a regular basis . This set the alarm bell ringing for me as the time for my grandmother’s arrival came close. I felt very tense and perplexed as to what to do and how to handle the situation. A friend of mine suggested that I should purchase the Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener as he felt it would help me tackle the issue of bad odor at my home. When I went to buy Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air
Freshener I got really confused and spoilt for choice by the sheer number of flavors available on sale. Then I thought about my grandmother and picked up the Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener flavor of my grandmothers liking. There was very little time left for my grandmother to arrive. I quickly went back home and sprayed every room ,kitchen, washroom and every possible nook and corner of the house with Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener. I had to rush to the railway station to receive my grandmother so there was very little time to check the effect of Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener. Upon returning home with my grandmother the moment I opened the door I was greeted with a gentle, pleasant and welcoming fragrance. This came as a wonderful surprise for me and I felt as if I am walking into a new home. In the effort to make my grandmothers stay pleasant I had discovered the secret of defeating bad odor at home and the bastion of bad odor has finally fallen thanks to Ambi pur.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

sniffsniff what is it?

Surprise ! Surprise ! I got selected for the #SniffSniff activity. The activity involved receiving a series of packets over a span of few days and based on the contents of the packets I was suppose to tweet and post on facebook. The idea was to guess or deduce what the product being referred to was.
The First Packet

The first packet contained a card with the face of a person and a clip was present on the nose as if to block a smell
It set me thinking so the project has got something to do with a smell.

The fact that the nose is being blocked means we are dealing with some kind of bad smell or odor.
Its time for me to tell all my friends on facebook and twitter about my find.

 What could it be? It set my my thinking

The next packet had a nice aroma coming out of it.

when I opened it I found this

Upon taking out the bag I found it to be containing coffee beans

So the first packet indicated a bad smell and the second packed is indicating a good smell. Hmm...
This is getting interesting I thought and I eagerly awaited for the next clue in the form of the next packet.
In the next packet I found this

A mask? A thought deeper and pondered upon the clue. A mask is also a cover ,a protection. The word mask also means to cover up something.
Putting together the clues together I get

 So a bad odor can be masked or covered by a good odor. Ok so this is the theory that we are working upon. The third product indicates protection
So if I am thinking in the right direction that we are talking of a product that protects us from bad smells or odors.
So what can the products be? Perfects room freshner,perfumes or a deo
Since we are talking about an activity which has only males participants so I narrow down the next package to contain a deo.
My Friends foes and Countrymen at twitter and facebook Lend me your years I want to share the news with you that the next product is most likely to be a men's deo.

In a few days time on Sunday I got the final package. Upon opening it I got a nice and sleek bottle

 So I am proved right . It is a Nivea Men Body Deodorizer or a Deo as we refer to this product. The moment I open the box my nostril's are greeted by a very pleasant smell of the Nivea Men Deo.
On close inspection I find that it is a 120 ml bottle. So the next question arises how much is the actual deo an how much of it is gas?

 I see it is written clearly on the bottle " Gas Free". With this assurance it is time for me to test the product. Since it is Sunday today and that too a hot Sunday afternoon. The best way to test is to use it before going out to meet my friends for a game of tennis. 
Upon using the product I find the odor of the deo to be immensely likeable .
Even after a few games of tennis I cannot smell my sweat instead its just the fragrance of the deo. Both me and my friends are impressed. The single application remained effective for me for the rest of the day and I seem to like it a lot.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

A dream concert to create Maxfresh moment

Sitting at the railway station I find myself surrounded by people .So many people ready with their luggage are preparing to embark on a journey. For some it is the end of a journey as they who are disembarking at the station, getting off the trains after traveling hundreds of kilometers. The steam from the near by tea vendor is billowing from the kettle and in the cacophony of sounds and chaos 
I am lazily waiting for the train to arrive .I am doubtful if its such a good idea for anyone to travel in such a humid heat. Yet the world around me goes on at a mechanical pace almost like the ticking of the clock tick tock tick tock. It does not matter if the clock is running slow or fast it just goes on ticking away.I am not the kind of person who can be tied down to a route. I like to feel life flowing through me especially when I hear a foot tapping and a refreshing number being played more so if it is sung by one of my favorite singers Anushka Manchanda. It givesme an instant high. Just as these thoughts flow thorough my mind I can hear one of my favourite Anushka  Manchanda numbers playing in the back ground blaring out from a distant radio.It is this famous Bollywood song from the Bollywood blockbuster Golmaal Returns
Its such a foot tapping number that it instantly transports me to a land of song and dance . I feel that it would be so wondeful not just for me but for all the commuters also if we could have this and all the Anushka Manchanda songs being performed in a live concert and the location of the concert is the train  itself. The other twist to this concert would be that Anushka Manchanda would be dressed up as the onscreen heroine for whom she has performed and in the place of her hero or the male lead I would love to see Allu Arjun. The stylish singing of Anushka Manchanda and the equally stylish dance of Allu  Arjun would make it to be a mind blowing concert for one and all to see. 
It would be the moment of life where schedules and clocks would be blown up and thrown out of the window. All the commuters would join the singing and dancing letting their hair down and enjoying as if there is no tomorrow. Actually in our day to day life we spend too much time chasing one thing or the other. The constant fear that we would be left out of the race of life or miss that ever elusive train only robs us of the joy of living. So it’s important to live in the moment and for the moment. A powerful Song and Dance perdomance by Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun would provide us with the path that lead us to the garden of life where we can live our maxfresh moments and enjoy our life 
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Reliving the Maxfresh moment of life

Being well into the first job is exciting. The wait for the month to end and the salary to be credited to one's account and then to celebrate has its own high. Yet slowly but surely the charm of the first job and the novelty associated with it begins to wear off. The same office routine and chasing deadlines and targets can be very boring. Why this part of life is called a rat race begins to make sense to me now.
Then close to the chutti time every day working harder and staying back and stretching to complete the work only adds to the office life boredom. I wonder if there is any respite for lonely souls like us who despite being surrounded by so many people at office miss the carefree college days that were not only care free but also full of fun and frolic. Even the friends that we bonded with hung out with and with whom we shared the most cherished moments of our lives seem to be getting busier and busier in their own lives.
 So the opportunity of those care free escapades of going for long drives, hanging out in the college canteen and going to attend rock shows, concerts and other cultural shows remain  only as fond memories. If there were a rewind button in our lives then surely I and a lot of my friends would just rewind our lives and relive those fun filled glorious moments. It would be the best way to recharge our lives. 
Now what if we cannot go back in time and relive that part of the life again. We can still hope to attend a concert together. The only possible concert that would make me and my friends drop everything and go running to attend the concert would be one where Anushka Manchanda is performing live. Ours is a big group of friends both boys and girls. Anushka Manchanda has been an all time favorite of all our gang members both the guys and the girls. However to set the stage on fire with an electric performance and a power packed performance to match the high energy singing it has be no other than Allu Arjun to make the concert even more rocking.
The best part about these high energy song and dance concerts is when we in the audience are hit by  those pulsating music beats and it sets our feet tapping automatically .Leaving all inhibitions, even people like me who have two left feet. It is the best way to flush out the stress and detoxify the mind, body and soul. As a high energy dance and song routine is the food for the soul that realigns the body and mind releasing and making available all the energy entrapped and suppressed by the pressures and stresses of every day life what we need the most is the #Maxfresh move
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Trusting my nose in matters of my heart

College time is that time of the life when one is on cloud nine. Life is like a fairy tale where we live life like a king due to the new found freedom after a strict and disciplined school life. This realization dawned upon me when I entered college. I had the most amazing time in college that was filled with fun and a lot of happy moments. However little did I know that mid way into the first semester my life would be turned on its head due to a mid term admission in my class, a girl called Neha who came as a breath of fresh air in the otherwise dull and boring academic life of a backbencher that is me. Till that point my college life revolved around canteen and the college ground. However with the new admission I was seen more often attending lectures than bunking class. I became her long distance admirer as I could not muster the courage to go and talk to her. Perhaps it was the effect of this chemistry which I felt existed between us that I began to focus on my studies and ended up getting good marks in all my subjects. My professors were very impressed with my grades. For the second semester chemical labs classes we were supposed to work in pairs and I had the option to select my partner and without any hesitation I paired up with my dream girl Neha. On the very first day of the chemistry practicals we were preparing the H2S gas that has a peculiar and pungent smell and resembles the smell of rotten eggs. I was super excited to have Neha as my lab partner and when I saw her walking up to me , my happiness knew no bounds. I was so happy that even the pungent smell of the chemistry lab appeared to be pleasant. Our interactions were limited to the chemistry lab only/Then one day I invited her over for ice cream at a new ice cream parlor that had opened recently near our college. My purpose in inviting her was to know her better as I wanted to take my relationship a step further. I wanted not to be just a friend or a chemistry lab co worker but I wanted to be that someone special in her life. I was super excited by the time it was evening and my time of spending the best treasured moments with the girl I had fallen for. I had booked a corner table in advanced to be away from the madding crowd so that we could be together for each other only. That great moment came when she entered through the door making all heads turn and I took great pride in the fact she was going to be my companion for the evening. She came and sat down opposite to me . I ordered the ice cream of her choice and was busy making rosy plans about our future together. Just then a gust of air came in through the window which swept over her and came into direct contact with my nostrils. I felt great dismay and sat aghast as the same familiar pungent chemical odor hit me. It was enough to make me swoon or even blast the whole ice cream parlor. My nose belied what my heart had felt. I can only say that my nose knew better and the very next day I requested a change in the choice of my chemistry lab partner. With this all my rosy dreams went into thin air.

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