Sunday, June 14, 2015

Reliving the Maxfresh moment of life

Being well into the first job is exciting. The wait for the month to end and the salary to be credited to one's account and then to celebrate has its own high. Yet slowly but surely the charm of the first job and the novelty associated with it begins to wear off. The same office routine and chasing deadlines and targets can be very boring. Why this part of life is called a rat race begins to make sense to me now.
Then close to the chutti time every day working harder and staying back and stretching to complete the work only adds to the office life boredom. I wonder if there is any respite for lonely souls like us who despite being surrounded by so many people at office miss the carefree college days that were not only care free but also full of fun and frolic. Even the friends that we bonded with hung out with and with whom we shared the most cherished moments of our lives seem to be getting busier and busier in their own lives.
 So the opportunity of those care free escapades of going for long drives, hanging out in the college canteen and going to attend rock shows, concerts and other cultural shows remain  only as fond memories. If there were a rewind button in our lives then surely I and a lot of my friends would just rewind our lives and relive those fun filled glorious moments. It would be the best way to recharge our lives. 
Now what if we cannot go back in time and relive that part of the life again. We can still hope to attend a concert together. The only possible concert that would make me and my friends drop everything and go running to attend the concert would be one where Anushka Manchanda is performing live. Ours is a big group of friends both boys and girls. Anushka Manchanda has been an all time favorite of all our gang members both the guys and the girls. However to set the stage on fire with an electric performance and a power packed performance to match the high energy singing it has be no other than Allu Arjun to make the concert even more rocking.
The best part about these high energy song and dance concerts is when we in the audience are hit by  those pulsating music beats and it sets our feet tapping automatically .Leaving all inhibitions, even people like me who have two left feet. It is the best way to flush out the stress and detoxify the mind, body and soul. As a high energy dance and song routine is the food for the soul that realigns the body and mind releasing and making available all the energy entrapped and suppressed by the pressures and stresses of every day life what we need the most is the #Maxfresh move
“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?

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