Sunday, June 21, 2015

Reclaiming my home from bad odor with Ambipur

My home has a peculiar problem that even much after the food has been cooked and consumed it leaves it aroma that lingers on in the home like a unwanted presence almost like a ghost who walks and drifts from one room to another. Even though I never leave my socks anywhere except for the dirty clothes bin yet I find a smell of socks socked in sweat and canvas shoes drifting from one room to another. Is the smell originating from my socks, shoes or my home in general or it comes from a neighboring household is still a mystery to me. I was grappling with the topic and trying to find both the source and the resolution of how to deal with all these odors than one day I realized that the house above mine was rented out to a lady who ran a spices and pickle making business from her premises. I noticed it when I experienced a strong smell of garlic and mango pickles come to my house through the window. It was an unwanted visitor who had found its way to my house but refused to leave. 
Its one thing to savor food with such flavors and aromas but when these smells are strong and persistent then it becomes too tough to handle. The worst part was that there appeared no way of stopping them. I felt deprived of a normal life as the strong smells seemed to be absorbed even by the clothes that I wore. It became difficult to find a clean fresh smell of clothes with out the smell of these spices, condiments and pickles. I used to feel a strange heaviness in my head due to this heady concoction of aromas. I started avoiding coming to home early. Even on weekdays I liked to stay longer then usual in the office and on weekdays I started visiting and staying over at a friends place or at a local mall. How long could this go on? One day I fell ill and was confines to my bed. Running a high fever made me weak and disoriented. I was confined to my bed due to this illness caused by these odors.
 Luckily for me a friend visited me and when I shared my predicament with him I was advised to get myself  Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener. I tried this new product and for the first time I experienced what I had not felt in so many months. It felt as if the heady concoction of spices and condiments had disappeared from my house. More importantly each room felt and smelt fresher. The advice of my friend had helped me reclaim my home from the grip of persistent, overpowering bad odor.
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