Tuesday, June 16, 2015

sniffsniff what is it?

Surprise ! Surprise ! I got selected for the #SniffSniff activity. The activity involved receiving a series of packets over a span of few days and based on the contents of the packets I was suppose to tweet and post on facebook. The idea was to guess or deduce what the product being referred to was.
The First Packet

The first packet contained a card with the face of a person and a clip was present on the nose as if to block a smell
It set me thinking so the project has got something to do with a smell.

The fact that the nose is being blocked means we are dealing with some kind of bad smell or odor.
Its time for me to tell all my friends on facebook and twitter about my find.

 What could it be? It set my my thinking

The next packet had a nice aroma coming out of it.

when I opened it I found this

Upon taking out the bag I found it to be containing coffee beans

So the first packet indicated a bad smell and the second packed is indicating a good smell. Hmm...
This is getting interesting I thought and I eagerly awaited for the next clue in the form of the next packet.
In the next packet I found this

A mask? A thought deeper and pondered upon the clue. A mask is also a cover ,a protection. The word mask also means to cover up something.
Putting together the clues together I get

 So a bad odor can be masked or covered by a good odor. Ok so this is the theory that we are working upon. The third product indicates protection
So if I am thinking in the right direction that we are talking of a product that protects us from bad smells or odors.
So what can the products be? Perfects room freshner,perfumes or a deo
Since we are talking about an activity which has only males participants so I narrow down the next package to contain a deo.
My Friends foes and Countrymen at twitter and facebook Lend me your years I want to share the news with you that the next product is most likely to be a men's deo.

In a few days time on Sunday I got the final package. Upon opening it I got a nice and sleek bottle

 So I am proved right . It is a Nivea Men Body Deodorizer or a Deo as we refer to this product. The moment I open the box my nostril's are greeted by a very pleasant smell of the Nivea Men Deo.
On close inspection I find that it is a 120 ml bottle. So the next question arises how much is the actual deo an how much of it is gas?

 I see it is written clearly on the bottle " Gas Free". With this assurance it is time for me to test the product. Since it is Sunday today and that too a hot Sunday afternoon. The best way to test is to use it before going out to meet my friends for a game of tennis. 
Upon using the product I find the odor of the deo to be immensely likeable .
Even after a few games of tennis I cannot smell my sweat instead its just the fragrance of the deo. Both me and my friends are impressed. The single application remained effective for me for the rest of the day and I seem to like it a lot.

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