Monday, June 8, 2015

Trusting my nose in matters of my heart

College time is that time of the life when one is on cloud nine. Life is like a fairy tale where we live life like a king due to the new found freedom after a strict and disciplined school life. This realization dawned upon me when I entered college. I had the most amazing time in college that was filled with fun and a lot of happy moments. However little did I know that mid way into the first semester my life would be turned on its head due to a mid term admission in my class, a girl called Neha who came as a breath of fresh air in the otherwise dull and boring academic life of a backbencher that is me. Till that point my college life revolved around canteen and the college ground. However with the new admission I was seen more often attending lectures than bunking class. I became her long distance admirer as I could not muster the courage to go and talk to her. Perhaps it was the effect of this chemistry which I felt existed between us that I began to focus on my studies and ended up getting good marks in all my subjects. My professors were very impressed with my grades. For the second semester chemical labs classes we were supposed to work in pairs and I had the option to select my partner and without any hesitation I paired up with my dream girl Neha. On the very first day of the chemistry practicals we were preparing the H2S gas that has a peculiar and pungent smell and resembles the smell of rotten eggs. I was super excited to have Neha as my lab partner and when I saw her walking up to me , my happiness knew no bounds. I was so happy that even the pungent smell of the chemistry lab appeared to be pleasant. Our interactions were limited to the chemistry lab only/Then one day I invited her over for ice cream at a new ice cream parlor that had opened recently near our college. My purpose in inviting her was to know her better as I wanted to take my relationship a step further. I wanted not to be just a friend or a chemistry lab co worker but I wanted to be that someone special in her life. I was super excited by the time it was evening and my time of spending the best treasured moments with the girl I had fallen for. I had booked a corner table in advanced to be away from the madding crowd so that we could be together for each other only. That great moment came when she entered through the door making all heads turn and I took great pride in the fact she was going to be my companion for the evening. She came and sat down opposite to me . I ordered the ice cream of her choice and was busy making rosy plans about our future together. Just then a gust of air came in through the window which swept over her and came into direct contact with my nostrils. I felt great dismay and sat aghast as the same familiar pungent chemical odor hit me. It was enough to make me swoon or even blast the whole ice cream parlor. My nose belied what my heart had felt. I can only say that my nose knew better and the very next day I requested a change in the choice of my chemistry lab partner. With this all my rosy dreams went into thin air.

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.

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