Sunday, June 14, 2015

A dream concert to create Maxfresh moment

Sitting at the railway station I find myself surrounded by people .So many people ready with their luggage are preparing to embark on a journey. For some it is the end of a journey as they who are disembarking at the station, getting off the trains after traveling hundreds of kilometers. The steam from the near by tea vendor is billowing from the kettle and in the cacophony of sounds and chaos 
I am lazily waiting for the train to arrive .I am doubtful if its such a good idea for anyone to travel in such a humid heat. Yet the world around me goes on at a mechanical pace almost like the ticking of the clock tick tock tick tock. It does not matter if the clock is running slow or fast it just goes on ticking away.I am not the kind of person who can be tied down to a route. I like to feel life flowing through me especially when I hear a foot tapping and a refreshing number being played more so if it is sung by one of my favorite singers Anushka Manchanda. It givesme an instant high. Just as these thoughts flow thorough my mind I can hear one of my favourite Anushka  Manchanda numbers playing in the back ground blaring out from a distant radio.It is this famous Bollywood song from the Bollywood blockbuster Golmaal Returns
Its such a foot tapping number that it instantly transports me to a land of song and dance . I feel that it would be so wondeful not just for me but for all the commuters also if we could have this and all the Anushka Manchanda songs being performed in a live concert and the location of the concert is the train  itself. The other twist to this concert would be that Anushka Manchanda would be dressed up as the onscreen heroine for whom she has performed and in the place of her hero or the male lead I would love to see Allu Arjun. The stylish singing of Anushka Manchanda and the equally stylish dance of Allu  Arjun would make it to be a mind blowing concert for one and all to see. 
It would be the moment of life where schedules and clocks would be blown up and thrown out of the window. All the commuters would join the singing and dancing letting their hair down and enjoying as if there is no tomorrow. Actually in our day to day life we spend too much time chasing one thing or the other. The constant fear that we would be left out of the race of life or miss that ever elusive train only robs us of the joy of living. So it’s important to live in the moment and for the moment. A powerful Song and Dance perdomance by Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun would provide us with the path that lead us to the garden of life where we can live our maxfresh moments and enjoy our life 
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