Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kapil Dev and his EkNayiLeague

When I first saw the advert. about #EkNayiLeague on my TV I found the legendary Kapil Dev smiling at me in an ad which lasted a few seconds in which he spoke of a new league that is going to come soon. A league which he says if one played with all their heart then one would surely lose. These words instantly got me interested and my thoughts drifted to Kapil dev of yesteryear’s.

Thinking of Kapil Dev or Kapil Paaji as he is affectionately referred to a lot of thoughts come to my mind he was a lanky tall bowler who balled fast, then he came to be known as a bowler who could bat a bit. Thereafter he transformed himself to a batsman who won India matches. He became an all rounder who helped India win crucial games. So what ever Kapil Dev does he does it with intensity,sincerity and full earnestness. When I hear him say that there is going to be a new league than I begin to think that since Kapil Paaji is a sports person who has won many games for India also what ever he does he excels in it so the new league that he is talking about has to be something very exciting. It would involve a competitive game play of some sort like a televised Game show where celebrities are invited to come and play. However when he that is Kapil Dev says that if one plays with dil se then one is bound to lose so I begin to think that it would require mental skills and the ability to perform mental tasks without heart taking the decisions. Kapil dev is seen in a number of ads talking about various people. In one of the Ads he talks about how Yuvraj Singh is making Big money in IPL andf he feels happy for him. So I believe that even this #EkNayiLeague that Kapil Dev talks about would involve big money for the participants. He also mentions in one ad as to how happy he feels when Sania Mirza does well on the International tennis scene. I am sure the #EkNayiLeague would feature a lot of players from other sports apart from cricket and tennis. I would be expecting woman sportsperson to be part of this #EkNayiLeague. Then in one of the ads Kapil Dev is seen talking about how Dev Anand told him not to retire and how a star never retires. Surely a lot of stars would be featured in #EkNayiLeague. When Kapil Dev tallks about Kapil Sharma it reenforces the fact that if a person plays the #EkNayiLeague with all their heart then they would get out I get a feeling that this #EkNayiLeague will have participants from other walks of life like television, sports and films.. Both existing players and those who have hung their boots are likely to be seen in #EkNayiLeague. Whatever the final outcome and format of #EkNayiLeague, it is bound to be full of a lot of excitement and keep us all glued to this new #EkNayiLeague

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