Monday, April 27, 2015

Celebrating life one day at a time

Getting up early and walking on a lawn with the green grass covered with dew gives me great happiness. It makes me feel so alive and full of life when I do my yoga and the breathing exercises. It feels as if I am being charged up for the day ahead. There is no other experience that is so refreshing and rejuvenating. It is my best way to start the day with a positive outlook which is full of zest and zeal. This morning session in the open and preferably surrounded by plants gives me the feel that I am one with nature. I feel just as Mother Nature provides for its creation and supports and provides for all the living being similarity I being a part of that big picture and scheme of things is being looked after and cared for by Mother Nature. This is a tremendous feeling.
Then enjoying a cup of tea as I flip through the crisp and freshly printed newspaper is a divine experience as it is my time alone with my self as I can use this time to plan my day ahead. These are special moments as this is the part of the day when I am gearing up to face the hectic life of the day ahead. This is the time to work out strategies to face the day ahead. In a lot of way this is the silence before the storm that helps me get prepared for the hustle and bustle of the daily life.
After a hectic day at the office I generally visit friends for a short time in the evening. This time is special and makes me happy as me and my friends once again feel like college going teenagers who are catching up with gossip and discussing all sorts of things under the sun from sports that is cricket and tennis in particular to movies and all that happened at the office.
 Once I return home the golden time spent with my family stays with me and gives me immense pleasure and happiness. This is also the dinner time when we all eat together. I am a firm believer in the adage that family that eats together stays together. For me my family is the source of great pleasure and happiness. Even the fights between siblings and watching TV together and going on vacations together gives me immense pleasure that is akin to celebrating a festival. The only difference being that this festival unfolds everyday around me and releases a lot of happiness and celebration all around me

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