Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Listening to my heart for My dil ki deal

Every day while going to my work and also coming back from work I would pass through a stretch of road that had lots of fast moving traffic. I enjoyed this stretch as it is a wide road and one can drive the car at a good speed without stopping. Then one day as I was going to my office I saw a blind man standing on one side of the busy road. It seemed to me that he wanted to cross the road. I did not give much thought to the man and I moved ahead towards my destination. It so happened that I had to pass by the same stretch of the road about an hour later. I was surprised to find the man still standing there. He looked tired and harassed I was bewildered and pulled my car along the side of the road. I asked the man as to why he was still standing on the road as I had seen him standing at the same point some time back.  I was indeed proved right. He wanted to cross the road but was unable to do so because of the fast moving traffic. I don’t know why I had stopped despite the fact that I was getting late for an important meeting .Yet I was there as my heart was telling me to stop and help this man. Though he was a complete stranger yet I had to help him cross the road. However there was so much traffic and no foot over bridge. The point of road where we were standing was quite far off from the red light. I had no choice so I made him sit in my car and drove in the direction that was opposite to where I was supposed to go for my meeting. Yet my heart told me that it is the right thing to do and the right direction to follow. Many a times listening to your heart and doing your dil ki deal can be very rewarding. In the course of our short journey together I got to know things about him that he was an ex-army man who had lost his eyes in an accident. Initially he had been very frustrated as he found it very difficult to manage his life and do his daily chores and it was only now after so many years that he had begun to come to terms with his limitation and disability. Now he was working as a dog trainer so that he could train dogs to help other people with difficulties and disabilities. When I dropped him at his destination he firmly shook my hand and thanked me profusely. We were together for a short period of time yet we had become friends. I realized that this was a dil ki deal which had made me give a helping hand and my time to a person in need and in return I had got a new, genuine and a very talented person as a friend.

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