Monday, April 13, 2015

Ads a measure of a cricketers success and CrashThePepsiIPL

For a sports person his brand endorsements and his being featured in ads is a measure of susses on the field.
Sports and specially cricket has become very competitive .It demands fitness of the highest order. The moment a player slips in fitness or goes out of form he loses his place in the team and thus goes away all the endorsements and the ad spots. For every player who is in the team there are numerous players waiting to get in and step into the spot light.A case in point is the career of Yuvraj Singh who was at the top of his career and firing on all guns. A number of endorsements were coming his way and he was being featured in a number of ad campaigns. Then he was diagnosed with a tumor and his career began to slide.  With this slide came a decline in the number of ads that were coming his way. Then came a long hiatus from cricket for him in which he waged his battle against cancer. While he was battling against cancer only a few snippets of news came about him .With an odd photo of his splashing in the papers he had become the long lost forgotten Yuvraj of the ad bandwagon . Upon recovery he started the uphill task of regaining his fitness, stamina and then his form. Once he got back into active cricket he again started getting a few ads and endorsements.
In this new innings of his, both in life and career he had to start life afresh and inch closer to his goal each day bit by bit. The graph of his life and success is that of a rebirth of a cricketing star the Yuvraj who was the darling of both the masses and the media. He was being featured in brand campaigns targeted at the youth. To begin with all the ads that he got were of anti cancer programs. His life path only  depicts the fact that the life of a sports person and specially of a cricketer is marked with injuries and illnesses. It depends partly on a person’s luck and partly on his ability to withstand sporting stress and bounce back from injuries. A lot of players continue to play the sport with niggling injuries. They do not report them as they fear being dropped from the team because once dropped it becomes very difficult for them to find their way into the team. Look at any player on the field and you are likely to find them with bandages under their gear or clothing. They keep on fighting as lone warriors taking blows both on and off the field before they are knocked out of the team or form.
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