Monday, April 13, 2015

Meaningful ads with a social message and CrashThePepsiIPL

With KBC 2014 Kaun banega Crorepati advertising took the concept of creating social awareness about important issues along with advertising.
It started with the KBC 2014 launch film – Kohima
It showed a contestant from the north east sitting on the hot seat in front of Mr Amitabh bachhan The question being asked is “Kohima is part of which country?”
There are four choices namely
a)    China b) Nepal c)India  …
The contestants despite knowing the answer takes an audience poll. 100 % of the audience answers that Kohima is part of India
To this Mr Amitabh Bachhan says see everyone knows this. To this the contestant replies “Jaante Sab Hain par manta koi nahi” Meaning that everyone knows this but nobody believes this. This advert raises the issue  of racial discrimination against people from the north east within India.
KBC launch promo 2014 – Neighbors raises the issue of national integration. It shows a Hindu boy going as a contestant in KBC . His elders probably his father blesses him. Looks up at his Muslim neighbor but as the relation of their household and their Muslim neighbors are strained so he proceeds for the game show. The host of the show asks him a question for which the contestant that is the main protagonist of the ad wants to use the phone a friend option. The phone is shown ringing in the home of the Muslim family who too are watching the KBC game show on TV. The boy addresses the neighbor as “Chacha” meaning uncle. He asks the meaning of the phrase  “Assalam Valekum” . His neighbour replies “Khuda tumhe salamat rakhe beta” meaning may god keep you safe.
This correct answer helps the contestant move forward and it also finishes the animosity between the two families as they are shown hugging. It is a great way to promote national integration and remove religious divide. Such meaningful advertisement’s are very refreshing and always welcome.
They have a positive social message apart from the commercial value that they bring for the advertiser. It calls for intelligent and stimulating minds to create such inspiring ads.
If all advertisers try to incorporate a social message in their ads then instead of people switching and surfing channels between breaks they would look forward to watching the adverts.
The audiences will remember and associate with such brands and such products will have more recall value. So advertising is good if meaningful ads are created otherwise it would only be a blink and you miss scenario. I hope that this IPL season we are treated to many meaningful ads that we enjoy as much as the matches and not bored of watching them again and again.

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