Sunday, March 22, 2015

Being with friends makes me happy and smile

I have been a cricket fan since childhood and ever since I can remember playing cricket gave me the maximum happiness. Every run that I scored , every wicket I took  or every  run that I saved brought a smile on my face. Then celebrating every match whether we won or lost used to be a regular ritual. After each match me and my gang of friends would ride our bicycles and raid the pani puri shop that was quite famous for its spicy treats and fast foods. Irrespective of which and whose team had won we would pool money and order plates of “chaat ” and “Pani Puri” it used to be the celebration of victory that was collectively ours. In these moments of celebrations there used to be happiness, joy and smiles. It was the most joyous and memorable time of  my life that was very carefree and gave me every reason to smile. Then as we grew older playing computer games and specially the game of cricket on the PC or gaming console used to bring a lot of happiness and gave me reasons to smile. These game sessions which happened  on weekends  generally were followed by a small party thanks to all the snacks and the lemonade my mother would  make for me and my friends who used to get together at my place to play on the PC or the gaming console. I always looked forward to these weekend parties and get-togethers. I look back with fondness to all these collective celebrations and get together’s  with friends and even today those memories bring a smile to my face.Then as we grew up we became more of armchair players who would follow every match on TV get together at my home and enjoy the matches. We would cheer every run scored and every catch taken when our side would be fielding. Then we would go out and celebrate or order some food that we could consume while watching the match. Now most of that lot of my friends have moved out of the neighborhood and settled in different parts of the country or the world. We wave found a new way to spread happiness and bring smiles. Whenever there is a cricket match being played on a TV we watch it in our respective locations and through interactive social media and messenger  keep updating our groups with scores and indulge in chit chat and discuss the match that is in progress. This gives us the feel that despite being far away and distant and geographically in different parts of the world we are still united  as one gang of friends. This feeling gives me and my friends a lot of happiness and makes me smile. As for the parties and the combined celebration. We maintain a diary and note down all the parties that are due and every year we make it a point to get together a couple of times a year and then the party and happiness and smiles flow. 

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