Saturday, March 14, 2015

Together We can Take on the world

When I got out of college I got a good job with a leading big company with a nice fat package . My job kept me very busy and in no time I had become a high flying executive. As I grew in my new life I found a new set of work friends and colleagues. This was a new world for me full of excitement and achievements. However slowly but surely my old life and friends were being left behind. Actually  the higher that I was getting in life the lonelier I was getting. Each pay hike or promotion was just an achievement like the numerous trophies that I had earned and were lying on the shelves with no one to share the joy with. Then one day I discovered that the company I had been working for had been  taken over by a bigger company and as the management changed so did the policies. I found myself to be out of favor with the new management as they found little use for a person with my skill set. In this newer working environment I was even more lonelier. I did not see a future in the current organization. I had grown lonely and reclusive as there was no one with whom I could share my feelings and do a heart to heart talk. Then the day came which I dreaded the most I was given the pink slip. Having being retrenched from work was like adding insult to injury. Suddenly all that I had earned in all these years had been lost. Overnight I had been reduced from a high flying first or business class executive to one who would travel in economy or better still train as the industry that I had been working for was experiencing a serious down trend. Jobs were scarce and executives were taking a pay cut. Then who would give a person like me who had been fired, a new job. I found my world come crashing down around me. I felt there was no place for me in this corporate world and for a change decided to go back home for a few days. When I reached the railway station to board the train I was a distant shadow of my earlier more successful and flamboyant self . My train was late and as I waited in the waiting room my thoughts drifted to all the mishappenings that had happened in my life. Then suddenly the chain of my thoughts were broken by a voice who was calling out my name. I snapped out of my thoughts to find myself face to face  with my best friend from school days. We had been best friends for many years but ever since I had got my first job we had drifted away. Though he had tried to get in touch with me a couple of times I had avoided replying to his emails or the birthday cards that he had been sending to me with uninterrupted regularity. Despite all the time that had passed and all my indifferent behavior he gave me a tight hug. A hug that seemed to last a life time and that moment of togetherness was very special. The warmth of that hug and the conversation that followed sapped all the negativity, strain and stress that had been bottling up inside me. I poured my heart out to him and he gave me a patient hearing, after all we were two long lost friends who were meeting after a long time and had so much of catching up to do.  That chance meeting brought a sea change in me . In the time that I was #together  with my friend were very special moments.The togetherness with my best friend had taught me the value of relations and togetherness. A lesson that I would cherish for the rest of my life.

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