Friday, March 6, 2015

Baby Dry Hai toh Happy Hai

When our little one arrived it brought with it  a 24X7 channel of fun filled entertainment. This is our baby’s own channel and he is the star performer and we are all his audience. Right from the first day of his arrival we have been his biggest fans. Cheering to every sound that he makes. Be it his mmmm…. Or trying to talk to us in his baby language which has its own set of symbols, consonants and vowels. Despite the fact that we may not be able to make out anything as to what he is trying to say or communicate but we are always paying full attention and watching him with rapt attention. Cheering his every move. Applauding every word that he utters as if it is an Oscar winning speech. We have noticed that it enjoys all the attention that he can get. He seems happy when we are around him and try to talk to him then he is all smiles and really happy. This is the time when he points towards the TV and we know he wants it switched on. Then Our task is to switch channels and watch his reaction for approval or disapproval. We keep surfing all the channels and our little one jumps with joy on the cricket and the cartoon channels. When he jumps and kicks really hard we understand that we have arrived at the channel that he would like to watch. This is usually a cartoon channel. However the rule for TV watching is that he would watch the TV and in between see us .If he finds that we are watching the TV instead of paying attention to him then he would make a lot of ruckus. He is trying to communicate that he is the one supposed to be watching the TV and we are there as his audience and are supposed to keep watching him. He is an attention magnet and requires all the attention that he can get. Then one day we noticed that he kept crying despite having got his daily feed on time. He was uneasy and would cry even more when we tried to put on a new diaper. Upon close examination we found the skin around his nappy area to be pink. It had a mild rash. Due to which the baby was in pain and had discomfort. We realized that this was due to the fact that even though the diapers that we were using seemed to be dry from the outside but actually they were quite wet from this inside. Due to the exposure of the skin to this wetness the baby got a rash. On that day we switched to Pampers Baby Dry Pants which were recommended to us by a friend.

What we experienced was that these Pampers Baby Dry Pants are so easy to put on and take off. The material used is such that it can absorb up to five glasses of liquid from its surface. The magic gel technology locks the fluid and keeps the baby dry at all times. The diaper keeps the baby dry for up to 10 hours. This translates to dry nights and dry days for the little one. The baby lotion used in the Pampers Baby Dry Pants smells so nice and over rides any bad odor and nourishes baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. It protects the skin from rashes and skin irritation. This keeps the baby dry throughout the day and night and free from wetness, skin irritation and rashes keeping my baby dry and happy.  

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