Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Relocate is my mantra for upward social mobility

Home to me is the perfect resting ground that you retire to at the end of the day. And as the sun goes down you play a game of chess with your neighbor in the common courtyard or watch the raindrops fall off the window pane during the monsoon months. Everything was calm and serene in life both at the work and home front, you may say so. The other perspective was that everything was routine , dull and boring. I agree that our homes provide a great place to rest and recharge to face the challenges of day to day life but they also make us battle ready to #StartANewLife . My argument is as follows that can you imagine eating your favorite food every day. However tasty it may be you are sure to get bored of it sooner or later. Same was my case so I opted for a change and decided to change my house and relocate to another part of the city to a more posh colony. I use the word relocate for moving to another part of the same city as I need to emphasize what important changes it has brought in my life. I am a laid back person and have a well-furnished fully functional apartment, so for me to give up this property and to move to a new one was a big decision that became  a game changer in my life. The biggest  benefit that I noticed is that when you move to a posh colony your social status increases. You suddenly become more sought after amongst friends and for singles like me you get a lot of attention from all those beautiful smart and intelligent members of the opposite sex who would not even have normally given me a second look. Secondly with a higher social status all those at my office and those in my social circle began to take note of me. Having moved to a new posh locality gave me the opportunity to throw a house warming party and invite my boss and all my colleagues. This is when I discovered the benefits of calling your boss over for dinner. Suddenly I became his blue eyed boy at office who could do nothing wrong. I noticed that I was being made in charge of important projects and my mistakes were being overlooked. Everybody at  the office from the peon to the beautiful office secretary who is often the damsel in distress seeks my opinion and advice and I have become a very sought after person. I hope this excitement and attention continues to shower on me and when it would begin to vane I can always move to another colony in another part of the city or to another city altogether and continue my journey of upward mobility.

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