Thursday, March 5, 2015

Moment of hope and optimism changed my life

It takes just a moment to fill your life with hope and optimism and this moment can change the course of your life. This is what I have learnt in my life.Since my childhood I was not the studious type. The whole day I spent playing games with my friends. Neither was I good at studies nor a great sportsman. Even doing homework seemed like a burden and torture for me. I was a typical backbencher and most of my school periods were spent standing outside the class as a punishment. This did not perturb me at all as I was not at all serious about my studies or carving out a carrier for myself. The teachers had given me up as a lost case and even my parents considered me to be a black sheep after being called again and again to the principal’s office. They had become tired of hearing complaints about me and given up all hopes for my reformation.

It was summer time and the school was closed for our summer holidays. I heaved a sigh of relief as there would be no more rushing to school for attending classes. Then my grandmother came to live with us as she was not keeping good health. She showered her love on me which was a pleasant change from the scornful looks of the family members. Getting so much of love was a nice experience so I found myself staying more and more by her side.She took out a packet from her suitcase and gave it to me. On opening it I found that it contained a Stethoscope. When I proudly displayed my gift in front of my family members they all made fun of me saying that what would a boy like me need a stethoscope for. At this moment my grandmother stood up for me and said that I am a true carbon copy of my father and that I have the potential to do and achieve whatever I set my sight upon. The moment she said this I saw a glint of hope and optimism in her voice and eyes.I felt a spark of hope and optimism within myself . From now on I would tend to her smallest of needs like getting her food, water or medicines. Now nearly my whole day was spent by her side she asked me to bring to her my text books. Then she selected and read out stories from my course. She made the lessons  very interesting and easy to understand. Slowly as I started to understand the lessons my confidence grew. Whenever my attention drifted from studies my gaze fell upon her gift of the stethoscope which I always kept by my side  and looking at it made me relive the moment when my dear grandmother had instilled in me a new optimism and hope that I can achieve any goal. Filled with this new found optimism and hope I became a transformed person. When the school reopened I became the front bencher from the back bencher. The teachers were astonished when I could answer every question asked by them. The new found confidence had given me a new focus and the words of my grandmother had helped me set  a goal and a target for myself. As days passed I got better and better at both studies and sports. Soon I passed out of school with merit and got admission to a medical college which was my goal. Today I am a successful doctor . Many years have passed but that stethoscope still remains with me . It is the reminder of that  moment when my grandmother had filled my heart and life with optimism and hope to reach out to my goals. 

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