Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My baby’s bedtime ritual

My baby’s night ritual as I discovered one night..
The day my daughter was born my happiness knew no bounds. I was the proud father and played the role to the hilt. My friends congratulated me on this new addition to my family. I was flooded with advice on how to be a good father and how to shoulder my new responsibility. I did not then realize how enormous this task was. Looking after a child who could only utter sounds of either joy or distress could turn any one’s head.
 I showered her with toys like dolls, balls and bright multi colored battery operated birds. In the beginning this was the only role played by me that of the doting father.
My whole day was spent at the office and I did not know how much effort had gone in making her happy throughout the day. Then it was my holiday and I had the chance to observe her closely. The day passed by in a jiffy and now my real test as a father surfaced.
My wife had been busy throughout the day giving her a bath. feeding her and preparing food. Seeing her look tired I offered to look after the child in the night so that my wife could have some rest. I thought that I had taken upon myself an easy task as there would be no work to do in the night. I was sure that the child would sleep at night as all adults do. was. This way people would praise me for being a good father and I would get the entire credit of looking after her. This was not to be so and my happiness was short lived
What happened was as follows..
When night fell the house fell silent as all activity came to a stop and all the members went to sleep. I lay down by my child’s bed upon seeing my wife sleeping. I was as pleased as punch and prepared myself for a pleasant night. I checked the baby. It had closed its eyes and seemed asleep. I smiled to myself and had just dozed off when the baby began to cry. I had seen my wife talking to her and singing a lullaby to make her sleep. So I also started talking to her. This was not of much help so I began to sing a song to calm her but it too failed and only woke up my wife. She suggested that I should check the diaper.I found it to be wet and promptly changed it. The baby went to sleep and so did I. Only a little time had elapsed when my daughter again started crying.I picked her up and began to rock her to find the diaper to be wet again. Thereafter the whole night seemed to be full of diaper changing. I discussed this issue with my wife who had also faced the same problem. One of my friend suggested that we should go for Pampers baby dry pants. Pampers dry pants helps in keeping the little one's skin dry and healthy. They are easy to put on and remove and would provide our baby with up to 12 hours of overnight dryness for getting up fresh in the morning. Moreover they are infused with a baby lotion to keep the skin moisturized. Ever since we started using Pampers baby dry pants it has become a part of our baby’s bed time ritual along with story telling which has become my forte as it makes my child chuckle with pleasure. Is it my story telling or is it the Pampers dry pants that keep her happy.

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