Tuesday, February 17, 2015

5 wishes to BefikarUmarBhar

My bucket list of wishes that would help me life  #BefikarUmarBhar has so many wishes that it would be hard to pick just 5. These long list of wishes ended up in the so called bucket list and made it literally overflowing because of the fact that at times one has to give priority to work over wish fulfilment and at other times the lack of available resources makes me postpone them for a future time.
This makes me think that out of the unfulfilled wishes if I could have at least a few fulfilled then I would be able to live life #BefikarUmarBhar .These wishes when fulfilled would prove more stability in my life and add to the security and comfort level for me and my loved ones that is my family who are dependent on me or whom that I would always like to see happy, content and make sure that their needs are met.
With this perspective the five things that will help me live life befikar and let me live  #BefikarUmarBhar are
1)      A house that I can call my own. A residential property that is owned by me and for which I do not have to pay a monthly rent would free me from the whims and fancies of landlords. As for now I have to be always mentally be prepared to hike the monthly rent on the expiry of the annual rent contract or be on the lookout for a suitable new residential property that me and my family can call their home till such a time we have to be prepared to face the  wrath of the landlord. Free from this overhang of monthly rent and whimsical landlords would be my first step to  #BefikarUmarBhar
2)          After getting a roof on my head that I can call my own the next thing on my list would be a set of four wheels or a Car that I can call my own. This would free me from the clutches of the black and yellow cabs and auto’s that ply in the city and hold you to ransom to take you to your desired destination. They ask for exorbitant rates and if their meters work then they run at a rate that could put Usain Bolt to shame in a 100 m dash except that they keep going faster and faster.So my own car would give me and my family a trouble free and a more comfortable commute day in day out and even at odd hours. With our own car the whole family can travel together (unlike my scooter rides where I have to take my family in instalments) and also we can attend all the weddings and parties that we are invited to .As of now we have to take leave and goodbye before the dinner which is usually served very late for fear of not getting a taxi.So definitely a car of our own would help me and my family  #BefikarUmarBhar
3)      The third on my list has to be ample money for me as I grow old and can no longer work. Also with rising cost and the ever increasing cost of living and medical expenses If I do not get lump sum money then it might get difficult as I would not like to get dependent on those who I support today. Definitively ample finalcial resources would make me  #BefikarUmarBhar
4)      I have been working hard all my life without a proper holiday .In the name of holiday most people like me go to the nearby hill station or the marriage of a distant cousin is all they have experienced in the name of change from their day to day routine. At some point I wish to have enough money to visit all the places that I have listed in my personal diary. These are places far and away that have been visited by friend and some I have seen in numerous Bollywood and Hollywood movies. I have been making this list with the hope that one day I would have enough resources both in terms of time and money to see all these far off countries then my life would become  #BefikarUmarBhar

5)      Having achieved all that I have for me and my family its my endeavour to have a sustained support system of resources ,wealth and prosperity for my family. It is important that my family enjoys the same level of comforts and lifestyle as I am able to provide for them in my current working days. I could really live  #BefikarUmarBhar with the assurance that this life would be sustained for them when I am old and probably not working or not even alive!

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