Sunday, February 1, 2015

The enigma of AND

My wife is  and will always be an enigma for me.I have great admiration for her multi faceted personality.When she is with me she is the perfect wife,at social gatherings the perfect host and the perfect mother with her children .Then she decided that she wanted more AND she became a painter.AND then a boutique owner.She is a source of constant inspiration to my daughter and the poem given below are what she thinks about the AND’S and their endless roles.

Things that define me and every woman that exists….
Because You are a Mother AND a Daughter
So why can’t you be a Home maker AND a Singer
You are a wife AND a sister
So why can’t you be a Police woman AND a Guitarist
You are a sister AND a sister in Law
So why can’t you be a Doctor AND a Rock star
Step out of your box,
Break the label
Don’t let others decide what you can and you cannot do
You are a women of substance,
No one but you can decide what you can
So you can be a Teacher AND
A doctor AND
An Astronaut AND
A Dancer AND
A sports person AND
A Leader AND
What ever you want to be because you have the power of AND
That lies within YOU.

A women has the power and the capability to do so many things and play so many roles. She is a true multi tasker as she seamlessly fits into any role that she takes up. She make a great home maker and balances her work and domestic life to the hilt. Perhaps it is the perfection with which she does every task that it appears that she was born to do just that. However every women has many more hidden talents and can accomplish and do all the roles a man can and much more .Do you know why? The answer is that she gives birth to a man and whatever a man can do she can only do it better. If a man can pursue two careers at the same time then so can a woman for a Man is a subset of a woman. A part grown out of her own flesh. So he has no right to question her ability to explore new vistas .As a women has the power of playing multiple roles ,wearing multiple hats and this power of her is the power of AND. A woman can be as many things she wants to be provided she
has the conviction that she can do it. All it takes is to take a stand and walk out of the box that people label her into and walk towards the goals she wants to achieve without an iota of doubt and without looking back

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