Sunday, February 15, 2015

ASUS ZenFone My perfect Valentine

Hey its Valentine time i.e the time for love . This is the time when those in love express their feelings for their beloved. For those who are still single this is the time to find a valentine and express their love. For me my ideal Valentine has to be
1.good looking and have a good sense of dressing
2. Can stay with me through the Ups& Downs of Life
3. Share the same interests as me and helps me pursue them
4. Is easy to understand,responsive and easy to communicate with
5. Is intelligent
Talking of intelligence (Point 5 in my list) I am reminded of my college days where we used to put the sticker of Intel inside on the helmets of those who were intelligent and fast in completing the assigned work and we compared them to the intel processor for it means the mark and epitome of computing power.
This valentine the intel inside and the presence of the Atom processor attracts me to the intelligent processing power of the ASUS ZenFone

This Intel Atom 2520 powered Zenfone has the dual advantage of superior processing power and enhanced performance on one side and reduced strain on the battery as the processor is more energy efficient. So even running processor intensive applications do not drain the battery and this results in a long life of the battery and there is no need for frequent battery charging. Moreover this lesser number of frequent recharging also increases the overall battery life of the ZenFone.
2) When it comes to looks I see that the ASUS ZenFone comes with Multi Colored Interchangable cover cases.

These ceramic color cases are a very exciting feature and using it would feel that I am using a different and a new phone evry day. This richness of colors in my life by the ASUS ZenFone would bring a fresh colorful zeal in my life everyday and give me a reason to fall in love with this wonderful device over and over again.
[Point 1 on my desirable valentine partner wishlist checked ;-)   ]

3) I am an avid photographer and amateur video maker who likes to capture everything around me and watch it at ease in my spare time. Looks like the ASUS Zenfone is designed to compliment me in this respect with its high quality 5 element optical formula lens.

The beauty of the camera in the ASUS ZenFone is that it has large photoreceptors and a wide aperture f/2.0. What it means to me is that it would gather and let in a lot more light into camera which would create more detailed pictures . Due to this technology even the low light snaps would turn out better with lesser picture noise.

The 13MP HD camera turns the ZenFone from ASUS into a full fledged Video recorder that can be used by me for making videos. The 6 inches HD display is a very enticing feature for the game lover in me and promises a breathtaking game play experience anytime and anywhere due to its rich graphic rendering
Hey that's point 3 on my valentine partner wishlist fulfilled
4) I find that the interface is very easy to understand and navigate. thanks to the ZenUI that uses intelligence technology . A valentine whom you can understand inside out would be a dream for me and the ASUS ZenFone perfectly fits this parameter in my wish list of the would be qualities in a desired valentine.

5) To last me through the ups and downs of life, what it means in the life of a phone is that it can survive every time it slips out of my hand and falls down or takes a bad fall in its stride. To make this possible the Asus ZenFone comes with a Bumper. This is a great way to protect the phone and its like the armor for the phone in which my ASUS ZenFone would fit with ease and stay protected.

Apart from these features it is a Dual SIM phone so I can take advantage of two different sims and the ASUS ZenFone can support network speeds up to 42Mbps DC-HSPA+
So I can also browse the internet at fast speeds and also see videos,movies, or games over the internet

Looking at all these features I can only say that this feature rich phone makes it a dream valentine for me and I look forward to having it in my life as a trusted companion and my true Valentine.

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