Sunday, February 1, 2015

No Fikar with Quikr Nxt

Buying and selling over the internet involves interacting with the would be  buyers and sellers, ask or answer queries, fix up a time to meet and then execute the final transaction. Though it may sound an easy process when it comes to sharing your personal number with a stranger , it is not advisable or an easy decision. Perhaps keeping in mind this predicament experienced by the buyers and the sellers that has come up with the Quikr Nxt chat functionality. This chat feature from Quikr connects the buyers and the sellers over a chat session. The biggest advantage is that your mobile number remains private.

 This is a great way of protecting the site users from online marketers and crank callers. Earlier when buyers and sellers used to list their phone number online their information was often misused by people who used such information for marketing purposes. You end up getting calls for donations, buying credit cards, companies offering you loans or trying to sell you products that you least want. In short these are all unsolicited calls that arise due to a single action of yours i.e. you posted your mobile number online on the internet. If you are a girl or a woman you could be targeted by crank callers.

Convenience of chatting : Now one can chat with multiple buyers or sellers at the same time this saves time, energy and money . One is saved from the hassle of being repetitive with the same information over and over again. A chat feature of Quikr Nxt also saves you from phone callers willing to disturb you at odd hours. With the Quikr Nxt chat tool one can simply log off when you do not wish to be disturbed.

The chat feature of Quikr Nxt makes it very easy to review your past chat conversations. This eliminates the need to make paper notes and keep track of individual buyer and sellers. The entire chat session is visible to you and you can decide upon a list of people with whom you want to take the communication forward with whom you are interested in concluding a buy or sell.

It is rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This adage is very appropriate when it comes to the Quick Nxt chat functionality. With the ability to share photos of the product that you are buying and selling you can create a realistic expectation about the product being discussed. The buyers can see products from various angles by requesting for multiple pictures. The seller can get a better price for what he is about to sell by highlighting the quality, condition and features of the product using multiple pictures shared over a chat session with multiple buyers. This makes the overall process of connecting the buyer and the seller very unique and useful.
So its time to chat on Quikr

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