Saturday, January 31, 2015


When I recently visited a mall in Delhi to witness the new hatchback from TATA I was expecting a car similar to the current models of TATA cars. However what I saw  was an elegant ,stylish new look car for the new India.
I)As I approached the new TATA BOLT stand at a display it stood tall with pride with its smooth flowing roof and an aggressive forward pouncing stance. This looks powerful and desirable.

The looks are enhanced with its “SMOKED PROJECTOR HEADLAMPS”  as the front head lights.

 The rear has  “FLAME-SHAPED TAIL LAMPS” and are  quite a departure from the earlier TATA cars

The alloy wheels make it look more sturdy and robust. 
Collectively these make a wonderful style statement.
II) It is said that when buying a car one should always look under its hood. Lifting the bonnet and looking inside I find the elegant and powerful  revotron 1.2 engine. 
It’s a wondeful marvel of technology that offers a 3 in 1 engine performance. It offers 3 modes of driving they are …
Sport Mode: Here the hatchback engine behaves as a powerful sports car with its engines roaring to conquer  every challenge. Press the accelerator and you will experience the power beneath you.
In the ECO Mode:  this car runs in the economy mode and the emphasis is on getting best fuel efficiency and most value for every buck you spend on fuel.
In the CITY Mode: The car is designed to run as an optimal city car with all those numerous  starts and stops , traffic jams and narrow lanes and by lanes.
This 3 in 1 car is getting me interested as it has features I have not seen before.
III) Sitting inside the car I find an attractive touch screen based interface that is CONNECTNEXT TOUCHSCREEN INFOTAINMENT BY HARMAN™

The system gives you so much control to the driver 

It is a feature rich device. It has a number of modes for interacting with its controls. It can be controlled by touch, Voice or controls on the steering wheel. 

It also has beautiful Illuminati buttons  that glow in the dark.
In terms of features it has an interactive navigation system, Radio, Multimedia Player that can play media via USB, SD Card or the media on one’s phone. It can also read out the SMS messages that you receive.
System reads out SMS from the phone you connect with it

IV) The Interiors are spacious and seats are very comfortable. They support your body posture and cushion you during a drive . The suspension is designed to give you a smooth drive and ride

The rear seats can be folded in a 60/40 ratio and the boot space is ample. I tried sitting in the front and rear seats an found ample space both in terms of legroom, space between passengers and the feel of space ahead of you.
V) The safety feature like ABS i.e Anti-Lock Braking System by BOSCH with EBD (Electronic brake-force distribution)  AND CSC  (Corner stability Control) provide the BOLT with antilocking feature and bettercontrol of the car when a sudden brake is applied at high speed. The Corner stability Control make taking turn at sharp bends much easier and give you better control of thr car

It has two air bags for those seated in front

The doors automatically lock when car is in motion. This is additional safety feature specially with small children.
My overall impression of TATA BOLT is that just like India which is at a threshold of change . TATA’s BOLT is here to change the Automobile scene in the country. It is offering more then what is expected  from an conventional Indian hatchback it’s a car MADE IN INDIA that is announcing that it has arrived

Images have been taken from and the graphics have been created by me

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