Friday, January 23, 2015

My sweet bold move this valentine

I  had a secret crush on a sweet, cute  girl who lives in the same Paying Guest accommodation as I do. I am simply besotted by her charm so I started gathering information about her likes and interests.To my greatest delight I discovered that we shared the same likes in music and our favourite movies were also the same.My joy knew no bounds when I spotted her in my college and when I was told that she had  joined the first year in my college. As luck would have it I was a year senior to her being in the second year of college and we both had the same subjects  I got to know her better when she asked me for my notes and then she often asked for my help in doing her assignments. Sometimes she would also take my help if she had any doubts in her studies. This was simply great. I found her to be a great cook as well, as she would sometimes share the dishes prepared by her they are yummy. I found that cooking was very close to her heart . Another common thing that we now shared was the common kitchen provided by the PG owner. When in the kitchen I found her talking to her mother and asking for recipes but the one thing that was invariably on her lips was her mother’s famous Gajar ka Halwa and how she missed it. The good part of being in a common PG was that we got to know each others likes and preferences.

She was simple yet unique ,a mix of the steady and the tom boy.Valentine day is just around the corner and I know that I would have to do something special to win both her attention and her  heart. Though we have become good friends I want to make this into a loving relationship. I know that cakes or roses are not her choice I have been watching the videos of how to cook her favourite dishes and of course how could I forget the famous Gajar ka Halwa. This Valentine I have a special plan to impress her and take our relationship forward.I have carefully thought of her likes and choices in deciding my bold move to woo my Valentine.After all the idea of this bold move has to make a lasting positive impression and kindle the romance. At the same time it is important that it is something extraordinary but does not embarrass or put my Valentine into a spot. Keeping this in mind I have started going to my paying guest accommodation early and practice all the recipes of my valentines liking by recreating them. My plan is  that on Valentine day I would reach my room early and prepare a complete meal and a sweet dish for  her i.e her favourite Gajar Ka Halwa.I would lay out the table with the dishes and a scented candle in the center. When she comes back from college and enters the kitchen she would be  greatly  surprised to see all her favourite dishes waiting for her and then I would proposed to her  with  her favourite sweet the Gajar Ka Halwa in my hand. It would be a sweet beginning of  a new relationship

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