Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Relocate to Bangalore with the quikr advantage

If I were to relocate to Bangalore then I would buy everything, and even a rent a house using http://bangalore.quikr.com/ 

The reason for this blanket statement is as follows.
I have known Bangalore as the silicon valley of India . It is also a city with a floating population of students and technical people . So how can one make use of this mobile, intelligent, tech savvy population if one happens to relocate to Bangalore? My answer is to simply connect with them on http://bangalore.quikr.com/ This way one can buy items from genuine sellers . These items can be mobiles, TV’s ,Refrigerators, Car’s, camera,household electronics or utensils.

 When one leaves and want to sell the items then again http://bangalore.quikr.com/ comes in handy in connecting you as a seller to genuine buyers. This way a person gets maximum value for money both while buying as well as when selling. As a buyer http://bangalore.quikr.com/ brings you in contact with a number of sellers selling the same or similar products and one can get the one that is cheapest or one may select the one that is in the best condition. It is like a market place that helps the buyers and sellers meet.
For instance when I was relocating to Bangalore my  biggest concern was where would I stay as I wanted to rent an apartment. I had marked a number of properties from the classified section of the newspaper however when I reached there either I found them to be already rented out or there was no one to show me. Then I discovered http://bangalore.quikr.com/ here I could directly connect with the property owner. As there were no middlemen involved so it saved my money towards commissions. As I was in another city I never had to make long distance calls . I could just connect with the owner with the chat function .Browse through the pictures posted and this helped me get a realistic picture of the house I was going to live in. As a person traveling to a new city this is a great  comforting factor. This transparency benefits both the buyer and the seller.
The best part is when we relocate to a new city at times it is for a short duration either a few months or a few years and it is not always possible to keep buying products from showrooms only to then sell it to the kabadiwala or the scrap buyer or the scrap dealer when moving out of the city. A great opportunity would be that a person relocating to Bangalore can connect with someone leaving the city and selling his household products . There are also cases when a person has bought a new TV  LED TV and wants to sell the old LCD TV that may be in a good working condition. http://bangalore.quikr.com/ comes in handy in helping the buyers and sellers connect,share product details and if everything goes well then meet and complete the deal.

I am also a great fan of quick Nxt as it lets the buyer and the seller connect over a chat using the unique quickr id without sharing their email or the mobile with the world. I have always felt apprehensive in sharing my mobile number as the chances of it getting in the hands of telemarketers increases when we post our contact information online. 
My final conclusion is that by using http://bangalore.quikr.com  one can have a trouble free and enriching experience not just while relocating to Bangalore but also while staying there as this site offers great opportunity to buy and sell at the best possible price.

All images have been taken from http://bangalore.quikr.com

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