Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A new start with my dil ki deal

A new year brings in a lot of joy and expectations. The month of December every year means making plans for the New Year’s party as well as formulating the New Year resolutions. I along with my friends and cousins decide upon the resolutions and we check on each other on its progress. Every year we greet the New Year to our loved ones and neighbors. Sweets and gifts are exchanged among friends.The day dawns fresh and clear and their joy all around. Even the birds seem to be wishing each other on this new day of a brand new year.Making resolutions is a yearly phenomena however as the year progresses we soon forget about our resolutions as we get busy in the daily grind of our lives. I decided to something different this year. Something special and unique which would be ever lasting.
When I look around my colony I can’t help but mention an old aunty who was always very grumpy. Everybody felt her to be a trouble maker who picked up fights for no reason. As a result people avoided her and the moment they saw her they got in a bad mood and felt stressed. She was considered as a taboo. She was never invited to any functions either. People used to change their path on seeing her coming. She grumbled every time when someone rang her door bell. She knew everybody disliked her and if someone has come to her house then they have come only to complain to her. She lived all alone. Her children a daughter and a son lived in the USA and never visited her. She never received any mails from them too.
May be this was the reason of her discontent. She was aged and she managed on her own for everything from paying her bills to getting her house fixed. People never offered any help but just criticized her. I decided to make 2015 memorable and a bright year for her and myself. With determination I went to this grumpy lady and wished her with a smile. First day she was very defensive and asked me the reason of my visit with suspicion in her tone. I told her I had just come to wish her and nothing else. She didn’t allow me to come in her house. It went on like this for 4-5 days and after seven days she welcomed me inside. Her house had the most beautiful interiors I had ever seen in my life. It was beautifully designed. Rich colors were used and it was all well maintained. She offered me tea and home made cookies. I appreciated the interiors which made her smile and she looked gorgeous. We shared our experiences and shared jokes. The neighbors were amazed to hear her laughing. She was once again a smiling lady. She started exchanging smiles with her neighbors. The neighborhood ladies welcomed her to their homes. With the passage of time she transformed into a more happy and pleasing and loving person. All this was made possible because of one small gesture of mine, my wishing her a Happy New Year.

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