Sunday, July 5, 2015

Discovering my creative streak with a simple project

My little sister had a craft project to make .The topic said that the student that is my sister is supposed to make something useful and decorative from the items available at home. She came to me for help but frankly speaking having been off academics I was not much help in suggesting any project so the idea of helping her or making a project for her seemed quite far fetched at that instant.
 However being a loving and persuasive sister that is what my sister is she coaxed me into searching for some tips to complete the projects and since nowhere in the school project guidelines did it say that one cannot look for tips from the internet. So I took the help of technology and searched a large number of resources and finally decided that the project of making a mirror on the reward me site that I found here looked interesting and challenging.
The final look of the created mirror was fascinating but sourcing all the parts for the mirror seemed a daunting task. Then looking closer I realized that I already had a circular mirror lying around. The cloth line pegs or clips were lying around in plenty and I and my sister discovered that we had a whole assortment of them in multi color plastic, aluminum to wooden ones.
Since my sister ties a pony tail so she had a few rolls of ribbon that our mother has bought so that they last a long while.
Since our mirror was already circular we need not do much. However we were in a fix as to how to fix the picture hook at the back of the mirror. One solution was to take it to the mirror shop and get it fixed by them but by now both me and my sister were fully immersed in the DIY spirit and decided to look around the house for an alternative solution.
Luckily we found a picture hook with a strong adhesive sticker at the other end. We peeled the protective paper from the adhesive surface and fixed the hook to the rear non reflective side of the mirror. Once we were assured of the strength of the adhesive my sister started following the next step of the instructions from
And used the pegs to create a beautiful pattern around the circumference of the mirror. Slowly a very interesting pattern was emerging as our project was taking shape. By the time she finished attaching the pegs to the circumference of the mirror it began to resemble the sun with the pegs appearing as its emanating rays.
Next she sought my help in completing the next part of the project that was to tie the ribbon through the hook that we had fixed at the back of the mirror. This was to hang it and also offered the opportunity to beautify the project a bit more by making it into a bow or a flower. I managed to tie it into the shape of the bow. The final outcome of the project was very satisfactory thanks to the simple and easy to follow instructions found here
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