Saturday, November 29, 2014

Monty Calling is India Listening

India is one of the largest and the most popular democracies in the world. In a democracy the people have the right to speech and expression whereby they can speak freely about their views and opinions. It is these opinions that shape our society .Most of us believe that there are ills in our society that need to be addressed. Sometimes we need to bring it to the notice of higher government agencies and authorities. It could be about a corrupt cop who takes bribe or an errant official . Why just point fingers at those who are in public service. It could also be about unacceptable behavior of individuals who disrupt our peace by continuously honking or playing loud music in the middle of night. There are so many instance and examples of situations where we need to express our opinion and do our part to clean up our society of such ills.
Many a times we find ourselves in situations where we want to express our opinions about the ills in our society and take a stand. However we receive opposition or the Chalta Hai attitude. Where breaking or not following the rules or lack of sensitivity is becoming the norm. It is very important that we take a stand and make our voice heard. Strepsils India has started a campaign #AbMontuBolega through the website This can also be joined and followed on their Facebook and twitter So that our voices are not drowned in a crowd of opposition. In fact by being a part of this campaign and voicing our opinion we are only playing our part in cleaning up our nation.

The Process of cleaning up starts when we visit and post our opinion about an issue that plagues our society I for one want to raise my voice in support of totally avoiding drinking and driving . If I were to talk about it in my peer group of friends who indulge in drinking and driving then it would have a limited effect. They may agree to follow my advice or completely ignore it. Moreover my options would be confined to just that room. Instead when I post my opinion on it would be read by a larger audience and sharing my thoughts on Facebook and twitter will increase my audience many fold. This way I will contribute in support of my cause. When these post,view and images are viewed and shared by others who support the issue ,a dialog is started and a conversation begins that would create opinion and help the offenders of rules rectify their behavior. This way one person’s opinion can bring about a change in the society at large. It can help in making the society cleaner and more receptive to following rules and indulging in correct behavior and practices.
 #AbMontuBolega is a campaign organised by Strepsils India through the website that lets individuals raise their voice and opinions about matters that concern us ,our society and country. It is akin to giving us a megaphone to make our voice heard
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