Monday, November 24, 2014

Lucky 6 The gamechanger

Game of chance and Luck involve a bit of luck to win. Lucky 6 is a game from
It offers tremendous gaming opportunity to the players.

Games are of two types outdoor and indoor .For outdoor games you have to be a sporty type where as there is no such criterion for indoor games.
Chess was invented in india this shows how much gaming temperament Indians have.
  India is a very big nation with a huge population The people are involved in playing numerous kind of games which includes lottery and other games of chance.
This involve buying of tickets and spending money.Now with the advent of Lucky 6   from numerous people would be playing this game because first of all it does not involve any cost as there are no charges for playing this game.
The only condition is that you have to have a mobile phone/device. The player has to use the game app on the phone. Since technology has much advanced .Nearly each and every person has a mobile phone.
The word Lucky 6 is itself very inviting and everyone wants to reap the benefits of Lady luck . Playing the game is very easy. The player has to first register ,confirm the email link and then login to play.
The game itself involves picking six Brands out of a bunch of popular and well-known brands .Then on the specified game day if your brands stock witnesses the maximum appreciation and rise then you win.
The biggest attraction is that while the player enjoys playing the game , at the same time he or she can win some prizes that range from cool cash to expensive Vacation Packages.
To up the excitement factor the player can challenge his friends and enjoy the competition

He can refer friends and when they join the game with his referral.and when that friend wins a game the referring friend also gets a prize.
Since this International game is just being launched in India the people are going to have the first mover advantage. What that means in the game terms is that those who join early will get more time to play the game and refer more people. As currently very few people know about this game, more the people referred means more people joining with your referral information. So one is only multiplying the chances of winning by referring others.
Another advantage of a large number of people joining and playing the game is that this enhanced database of game users would enhance the enterprise value of the game brand and so more money and higher prizes will become available for the players.

  To play the game visit and install the game app.

The app interface looks like this

The first step involves downloading and  registering so that when you win the game the organizers know to whom to give the prize. You would need to enter your email, nickname, referrer and a passcode. 
 Next check the email with which you registered and follow the instructions to confirm user account

To play the game one has to login 
using : Email and Passcode.

Post login the screen gives you the option to play Lucky 6. Click on the lucky 6 icon to proceed

The menu will show a long list of brands. Your job is to pick six brands . On game play day if the stocks of the brands you picked up rise the maximum then you win.

All images have been taken from and the fatcat.apk app snapshots have been used to create some of the images.


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