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Is blogging profitable, Will anyone read my post ,will anyone follow my post . So many questions that cross the mind of a blogger or a would be blogger.
Name ,fame ,money, connecting with like minded people. Different bloggers and would be bloggers have different aspirations . is that platform that brings all such people on a common platform. They hold meetups, events , contests awareness drives and so much more . created and managed by ScissorPaperStones. is an online social network of Indian blogs and bloggers of Indian origin, supported by offline events that are conducted across India in association with various sponsors

What are Indi-Happy Hours ?

Happy Hours are campaigns where you write about a topic and you get rewarded with a voucher within 24 hours or less.
Every valid entry for a Happy Hour campaign gets rewarded with a voucher, as long as there are vouchers remaining.
Vouchers are dispatched during Happy Hours (04 PM – 06 PM) on all days of the week.
Each campaign’s topic may have specific submission requirements your entry must fulfill to be valid.
You can submit a maximum of one entry per campaign.
Write now to get your first Happy Hour voucher!

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