Saturday, January 28, 2017

Unexpected Magic of Warmth Moment

“Life is a rat race” this is an emotion experienced by almost everyone who is working and competing in today's world. My life would have been just a rat race however this rat race can become that much more difficult if you have a colleague who leaves no attempt to step on your toes. Mine was such a life but I could not complain for I was a small town wannabe moving to a big town in search of a better future and a stable job.
I took my time settling into the new lifestyle and getting used to bracing my self to the challenges of the corporate culture that was quite new for me.
The fact that I was assigned to a team that had an office worker who was nothing short of an office bully. He made me divulge every idea of mine and presented it as his own.
The points and ideas that I presented were opposed vociferously by him. As he was my senior there was little I could do.
Matters became so difficult that I was contemplating a change of job. I even started looking for a new opening that would be suitable for me.
In the meantime I tried my best to cope up with the office situation.
On one occasion our office was to be represented at an important regional meet. As luck would have it I and my bully colleague were picked up to represent the office. The job of creating the presentation was thrust upon me. However the presentation part was to be handled by both of us collectively.
I was assigned an office laptop to prepare the presentation. I diligently work on the presentation and did my best to make it as informative as possible.

As the conference was at an off site location we traveled and reached our destination a day in advance. In the evening when we switched on the laptop to practice the presentation. The laptop would not turn on. There was only the clicking sound of the hard drive. We got the laptop examined by the IT support team who informed us that the hard disk had crashed. This news made my heart sink and I knew for sure that all the blame would fall on me. Thinking of the consequences tears began to flow from my eyes.
As I was mentally preparing myself to face the music. My resourceful colleague arranged for an alternate laptop. As I had some notes with me I started recreating my presentation. To my utter surprise my colleague started helping me. He guided me like a true mentor and this was very encouraging. We sat throughout the night working on our presentation. The final presentation turned out to be even better then what I had prepared initially. When we presented it our ideas were greatly appreciated at the conference. We had successes as a team and I had earned some valuable experience and a very good mentor. When we left back from the venue. The bully had been left behind and instead the person who came along was a warm and caring colleague. #MagicOfWarmth

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