Friday, October 2, 2015

Our Journey to protect her heart

When I first saw her I knew that she was special and the one for me. Her lovely looks and her sweet smile had me transfixed. I chose to marry her because I wanted to spend my life with her and I made a vow to myself that I would take great care of her so that she never lost her smile. She was always very health conscious and took great care of herself. She used to go for walks and actively played badminton to keep herself fit.
We got married and started a life that was full of love,fun and hectic activity. A newly married life involved lots of parties and eating food that was not always healthy. We started relishing the wrong kind of foods and soon this began to take a toll on our health.In a few years time my wife started gaining weight. In the beginning this weight gain was not much apparent but slowly her dress sizes began to increase. She started keeping away from activities that required physical exertion. Not that she was shying away from any of her household duties. It is just that she never seem to have the time and energy left for herself. Now she was a dutiful wife, a daughter in law, and a mother and each role was being played to the hilt by her. However when it came to looking after her self something was missing. I realized that she was no longer going for her morning walks. As that time had been taken up by getting the kids ready for school. The evening time in which she used to play badminton was now being used for cooking the family dinner which she so painstakingly prepared to keep the entire families likes and dislikes in mind she also took great care to incorporate the healthiest of ingredients to make every meal not just tasty but also as nutritious and healthy as possible.

One day when we came back from the market we found that the lift was not working and we had to take the stairs to reach our first floor flat. We started climbing the stairs and I found my wife to be soon out of breath. We stopped for a while and then resumed our climbing the stairs again.
When I saw her stopping at very short intervals to catch her breath, a warning bell rang in my mind. A vision flashed before my eyes when she laughingly used to run up the stairs and not take the lift. This moment made me realize that I was not taking good care of her or she would not have come to such a state. I decided to take active measures to bring her back to her slim trim self and to bring back her loving smile which was now steadily turning into a frown.
Together we visited the site and took the Weight-Heart Test. 

Upon seeing the results we were shocked that her BMI was way beyond the normal as she had put on a lot of weigh.

The site suggested two plans to get back to health.One was a walk plan and the other was a diet plan.

From that very moment I made a pledge that I would take her on a morning walk every day. I made it a point to play a game of badminton with her on weekends.As per the diet plan we worked out a diet chart for both of us and started following it. This was our plan to #ProtectHerHeart. I also started following a diet plan similar to hers to gave her company and also to stay fit. These efforts bore fruit and she started losing weight and in a few months she was back to her old self and I was also fitter and in a better shape.

 “I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.”

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