Monday, February 24, 2014

What is multigrain,whole grain and whole wheat

What is multigrain,whole grain and whole wheat
Whole wheat" means the wheat in that product hasn’t been refined so the healthy components like endosperm and bran are left intact
Unrefined products have many more nutrients like B vitamins and trace metals like iron, zinc, and copper.
100 percent wheat means it’s completely made of wheat, not that the wheat is unprocessed.

Whole grain" is made of unrefined cereal grains like barley, rice, oats, or flax.

We must watch out for Multigrain products.A product can be multigrain and still be processed, bleached, or refined in a way that removes any real nutritional value.Check the label to see if it contains whole grains or nutrient-depleted processed ones.

Post written from my notes based on lancet medical journal

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